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Celebrities we want to see inside Big Boss season 11

  • Akshay Rane
  • October 3, 2017
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Big Boss season 11, the most awaited reality show and annual ritual, in India has begun. The show has courted a lot of controversies in the past as a result of its choice of controversial contestants such as Swami Om , Rakhi Sawant,  Bunty Chor & Monica Bedi.

While, the current participants are lackluster and unknown faces, we would certainly love to see these known faces locked up in the House, owing to their controversies.

1. Honeypreet

The absconding follower and accomplice of Guru Ram Rahim Singh surely needs to be put inside the house for good, probably even after the show ends. We are sure Honeypreet will spill the beans on the criminal Baba and his hidden businesses and nefarious activities. We would also love to see her interaction with the show’s host – Salman Khan.

2Arvind Kejriwal

What better place to clean India than the Big Boss house itself. The house has come under a lot of flak due to the choice of murky contestants. We believe Arvind ji (if he doesn’t continue blaming Modi) can clean the entire house with his ideological broom.

But, we sincerely hope the temperature inside the house is kept under control, considering Arvind’s cough troubles.

3. Yogendra Singh

Yuvraj Singh’s father and trainer – Yogendra Singh is a perfect fit inside the house considering he has already made a living out of criticizing Dhoni. We believe, the house will prove to be therapeutic for him and give him a better perspective in life.

4. Amit Shah

Amit Shah’s inclusion inside the house for 3 months will be a blessing for the Congress party and other-opposition parties. Amit Shah has proved to be a spade in the Congress and TMC’s plan of expansion throughout India and with BJP’s primary strategist locked inside the house, we are sure Congress might win in the coming Himachal elections.

We are sure Congress supporters will keep on voting for Amit Shah to keep him inside the house for the entire duration of the show.

Which of these contestants would you love to see as the ultimate winner? Tell us in the comments section below.

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