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Check Swaraj’s humorous reply to a ‘troll’ Tweet!

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • June 9, 2017
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The Minister of external affairs, Mrs Sushma Swaraj split once again by her witty & humorous reply to one ‘troll’ on twitter. One of the twitter handle on social media tweeted in a light humorous mood that he was stuck on planet Mars. He tagged MEA Sushma Swaraj & even ISRO & appealed to them for food to be sent on Mars through Mangalayam. Playing an upper hand in humour, she quoted his tweet with the reply, “Even if you are stuck on Mars, Indian Embassy there will help you”.

Followers responded to Swaraj’s reply with a mixed reaction. Most of the Twitterati felt proud & patriotic in this confident & positive reply of MEA. Swaraj has won the hearts of everyone from all corners of the world due to her quick response on Twitter & swift actions on the ground in times of crisis. The personal touch established by her with everyone reveals her motherly concern for all. Borrowing the last two letters of her first name, ‘SushMA’, people now have started calling her ‘MA’, a mother. It is apt title for the lady who rushes to help the way a mother does.

Though she had suffered from a health crisis recently, she has not at all affected her swift & efficient style of working. Her quick response on the Social Media has enormous times misused by trolls mimicking fake distraught & seeking her help. She is responding to all who approach her via Social Media.

Rather than Swaraj any other politician would have scolded the person for this wastage of time. She has shown her human side many times on twitter. Karan Saini’s troll has clarified that his tweet was purely humorous in nature. Well, he might be forgiven for his dare as it extracted a tongue-in-check reply from our MEA who is otherwise busy in helping out the Indians in distress from all corners of the globe. Sushma Swaraj deserves to be called ‘Twitter Queen’ in all aspects!

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