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Clearing the Air on Citizenship Amendment Act -The “Fault Lines Exposed”

  • Sukanya Iyer
  • December 30, 2019
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As the Year 2019 comes to its finishing line giving us all good & otherwise memories…, yes Personally for myself too, Having said that as usual sipping my Favorite specially brewed south Indian Filter coffee, amidst the anxiety of welcoming another great year 2020, I pen down my thoughts for Idea of Bharat—wherein we all definitely witnessed an Historic & landmark movement in Indian History, that of Passing Citizenship Amendment Bill at the stroke of midnight, on 11th December, in the Upper House  of Parliament, Rajya Sabha with 122Ayes in Favor of Passing the Bill by Elected members of the House to become an Act—Citizenship Ament Act., Before I get into the nuances of CAA, I would like to Start with a quote by Swami Vivekananda—

“A Nation is advanced in Proportion to education & Intelligence spread among the masses.”

An Attempt by myself as a citizen of India to explain CAA in Perspective to those Fear mongering, Rumormongering, Naysayers of the Nation—what is Citizenship Amendment Bill?

The CAB 2019 is further to amendment of the Act, 1955. It is not a full-fledged bill but a narrow Tailored Law which specifically is only meant for religiously Persecuted Minorities in the three Specified Nations—Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh. It states the fact that “Any Person Belonging to Hindu, Sikh, Budhist,Jain, Parsi, or Christian Community from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan & who has entered into India on 0r before the 31st day of December 2014, & staying here to safeguard their lives, shall not be treated as illegal immigrant.”

Now on the other day I was Hearing conversation between a college Professor & a Political Science Student asking Questions on CAA, Let’s look into their Conversation:

Prof.Vishnu Vardhan of Reputed College & His students—

Students—what exactly is the Meaning of CAA & what does it do?

Prof. raising his brows—The Citizenship Amendment Act actually fast-Tracks Grant of Indian Citizenship to the Persecuted Religious Minorities of PAB.

Students—what is PAB?

Prof.—Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh, The Statutory Process grants an applicant Indian Citizenship after 11years, but now it’s reduced to 5years. All three countries being Islamic Republics constitutionally, the minorities in these countries include Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, and Buddhists & Parsis.

Students conversing with each other & then poses a question—Do Indian Muslims need to worry about CAA +NRC?

Prof. Calm & composed states the Fact—No Indian Citizen of any Religion needs to worry at all either about CAA & NRC.

Students—What about People, will they be excluded in NRC on Religious grounds?

Prof., Fumes—No, NRC is not about Religion at all. As & when conducted shall not be & cannot be excluded for being a follower of any religion at all. I hope this clarifies to a greater extent.

Students — How is Citizenship decided? Will it be in the Hands of the Establishment?

Prof.—The Citizenship will be decided as per the Provisions of the Citizenship Rules 2009 as framed under the Citizenship Act, 1955.They are all in Public domain. There are five ways in which a person can become an Indian Citizen

Citizenship by Birth

Citizenship by Descent

Citizenship by Naturalization

Citizenship by Incorporation of Territory.

Students—When NRC will come into existence, will I have to provide details of the birth of Parents prove my Indian Citizenship?

Prof: Iam Very Happy that you asked a Pertinent question, which the Rumor mongers have Floated around, the fact is , You need to Provide Details of your birth like date/month & year & place of Birth are enough. If not available, you may have to provide such details of the birth of Parents, but no documents shall be required to be compulsorily be submitted, w.r.t parents. Citizenship can be proved by submitting any documents relating to the date of such admissible documents are yet to be—

Voters Id


Birth Certificate

School Leaving Certificate

Land or House Papers Authorities.

The List of above documents is likely to be fairly long, so that no Indian Citizen is put to any undue Harassment.

Now Professor was very happy inside feeling that now there is Healthy & sensible questioning by Students, Instead of not indulging like any other Provoked students by certain Political outfits, establishment to meet their Political Goalpost. He was able to answer his Students all queries related to CAA, NPR, and NRC. Now getting back to Q& A session.

Students: When NRC comes into existence as an Act, Do I have to prove ancestry dating back before 1971?

 Prof: No. You don’t have to prove any ancestry by presenting any document like ID cards or Birth Certificates of Parents/ancestors dating back to before 1971. That was valid only for the Assam Accord & implemented on the directions of Honorable Supreme Court. NRC Procedure in the rest of the country is entirely different as provided under the Citizenship (Registration of Citizens & Issue of National Identity Cards) Rules 2003.

Students: If a person is Illiterate & doesn’t have any relevant Documents, what will they do?

Prof:  That’s an Interesting & Valid Question; In this case, authorities will show him to bring witnesses, various other proofs/community verification etc. A due Procedure will be followed. No Indian Citizen will be put to undue trouble.

As Students are aware through various Search Engine options in this day & E-Age of Info, their questions were thought Provoking & also valid questions to Professor, who also became excited to answer.

Students: Does NRC Exclude anyone for being Transgender, Atheist, Advises, Dalit’s, women & Landless with/without Documents?

Prof: No NRC, as & when carried out, shall not affect any of the mentioned above.

Students: Listening to all the news Floated in Main Stream Media channels, & United Oppositions continuous questioning, on Why Can’t Muslims from these three Countries apply for Citizenship?

Prof: They can. Nothing and no one has the authority to stop them at all.

Students: But why then CAA grants Citizenship to only Non-Muslims from PAB?

Prof: No, The CAA only fast-Tracks Citizenship for Religious Minorities of PAB. In Place of 11years, they will get it after 5years.

Students: What about Muslims from these Countries can they still apply for Indian Citizenship?

Prof: Yes, they will get it after the standard 11years after applying.

Students are still not convinced, as they witnessed the violence, arson, mob Protesting that Muslims have been singled out, they again question Professor more vehemently…

Students: But Why Muslims from PAB out still?

Prof: No Community in either India or its Neighbors singled out. The CAA is meant for religious minorities of PAB Muslims are in Overwhelming Majority in these three Nations & Constitutionally each of the three is an Islamic Republic.

Students: Does CAA mean instant citizenship for someone belonging to Minority community in Pakistan who arrived in India Yesterday?

Prof: No.They would have had to be in India for not less than five Years, & should have arrived before 31 December 2014.

Students were still not Convinced, I was also witness to this questioning session, & watched with awe that Professor has lot of Patience in handling all these questions one by one posed to him by various corners, but he cleared all their doubts by hearing them out patiently.

Students: What about Indian Muslims Citizenship? Will it be taken away too if they can’t provide documents?

Prof: The CAA is a law which is meant for only Non-Indians. How the hell it will possibly affect an Indian Citizen?

Students: What about what’s App messages & many other online messages, which states that Citizenship of Muslims will be taken away after CAA, Please clarify Sir?

Prof: taking a deep Breath, The CAA or any other Law, or any other person doesn’t have the power to take anybody’s citizenship. The Messages spreading on what’s App & other Messages which says that they are Anti-Muslims are full of falsehood narratives & they are fake in nature. And in Context, it is dangerous and can lead to loss of life.

Thus Students were convinced that not to believe or Indulge in such fake narratives or they took a pledge not to forward such messages, at least amongst themselves, they will not indulge in all these unnecessary arguments without understanding of facts, this is a city college in Mumbai, which I was Part of the Panel discussion, though many Panelists were of the view that this is not the Right time, then Hearing Professors views & Explanations it was cleared…

Some more facts that I would like to share-The Congress Party mounted its attack on the ruling BJP , over the draft National Register of Citizens in Assam, it was 13years back, it was the congress-led UPA Government at the Centre that had expressed fears over the Presence of Illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in Assam. In fact, it was also feared that Assam could one day have Bangladeshi Chief Minister. In the UPA-1 Government that a secret meeting was held in 2005 under the chairmanship of then Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh on National Security, at which Congress leaders had personally acknowledged the threat posed by illegal immigrants. The Meet was specifically called to discuss the influx of Illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in Assam.  The same Meeting, two senior UPA ministers had apprised the top government Leaders about the Demographic Change in Assam, which was undergoing then & how the time wasn’t far when the North Eastern part of India could have a Bangladeshi CM. It was Chidambaram who held a Meeting at then PM’s residence-7, Racecourse Rd, stressed the need to have strict Visa rules in place for Bangladeshis. Pranab Mukherjee also extended his support Chidambaram & also suggested that the same situation also persists in West Bengal if the Problem was not taken care of. Now look at the Audacity, & the Politics of Hypocrisy to Oppose this move in 2019, when this duly implemented by PM Modi & Amit Shah, Home Minister, calling it as a move towards “HINDU RASHTRA”. Now trying to indulge in all sorts of Violence, incite mob, use Educational Institutions as Pawns, Puppets to fulfill their Political goals, It very shameful & Disgraceful too. Amidst all these chaos, President Ramnath Kovind gave his assent to the Citizenship Bill & Now it has become an Act.

This was one of the Poll Promises made by NDA Government. The Bill in its earlier form was passed in January 2019, ahead of the General Election. It again sought to Grant Indian Citizenship to the six-Non-Muslim Communities, Hindu, Buddhist, Christians, Parsi, and Jain & Sikh. It reduced the the mandatory requirements of 11 years to 5years for citizenship if they do not possess any document. A Naturalization Process which will be followed without hurting the sentiments of Minorities who are residing in India, following the secular fabric of our Preamble & upholding the principles of the Constitution.

All these were kept in mind by our PM Modi whose Insight & Visionary thought Process gave a Humanitarian Relief to all rthose Persecuted Minorities across India, by giving them Shelter by Protecting our Ancient Ethos of our Civilization. Article 14, 15, 21, will not be Violated & also 371 at any cost. The three steps CAA, NPR, NRC will be followed in due course of time. The Indian Census is the largest Administrative & Statistical Exercise in the world & will cover the entire Population in the country. Cabinet approved conducting of Census of India 2021.

Features of Census of India 2021

It will generate Direct as well as indirect employment.

Approx. 48,000 manpower will be engaged for about 2,900 days

Provisions of Technical Manpower will result in capacity building: will also help in future employment prospects.

New Initiatives—

Census Management & Monitoring Portal to provide multi language support.

Facility of online- self-enumeration for Public.

Transfer of Honorarium through Direct Benefit Transfer


Census Data is a powerful tool for public Policy when combined with other administrative data.

CaaS will deliver Data to all Stakeholders.

Data sharing to all, the lowest Administrative Unit i.e., Village/ward level.

Available to General Public in a user- friendly manner.

Cost Rs.8, 754.23 cr.—

House Listing & Housing Census—April-Sept.20


9th February-28th February 2021.

NPR is an important exercise, as Census Data can’t be made Public to any Authority, due legal process & procedures will be followed diligently by Modi Sarkar. By doing all the above exercises, Nehru-Liaquat Pact was corrected. Thank you to our PM Modi whose valour, Grit & Determination made this at to be implemented to Script “NAYA BHARAT NAYEE UMEED”—the Idea of Bharat, to protect the Demographics of Bharat by Securing Nations interests with honest intent &n convictions clear.

Wishing every one of You a Very Happy, Prosperous, Healthy & Peaceful 2020…!!!

Thank you all for reading my Articles, motivating me through your comments, which will always me to hone my skill sets for better.

Jai Hind

Dr.Sukanya Subbanna Iyer

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