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Congratulations BMC! Our Bharosa in you is Restored

  • Krunal Shah
  • September 7, 2017
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The Fearless Indian reader & Guest Author, Krunal Shah shares his views on the recent Mumbai floods and BMC’s false promises.

This incident comes as an eye opener for every person out here who claims the BMC failed to maintain the city’s drainage system. Cheers BMC! You did a wonderful job! The Aam Janta just kept complaining about drainage issues and here’s a tight slap to them. An entire human body managed to pass through its manhole, all through its drainage system and ended up kilometres away; rather  nautical Miles away!

Oh yes, we shouldn’t be complaining about the clogged manhole which was choked for hours.

We shouldn’t be complaining about the bad patch of roads. They aren’t the cause of water clogging. RJ Malishka knows it better than anyone what would happen if you raise your voice against this issue.

You point 1 finger at #BMC and they cut 4 fingers of yours. Your job is to keep mum. Let the #BMC function as it wants to be. We aren’t living in a democracy. We just have to keep #Bharosa on BMC and stay #RamBharose.  Good Going BMC, Amhala Tumchya Var Bharosa Ahey!

  • Krunal Shah – Guest Author

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