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Congress Govt. brings back the dictatorship days of 1975; Arrests Journalist Mahesh Hegde of Postcard.News

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  • March 29, 2018
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Siddaramaih’s Govt. has applied their party’s age old principle of tyranny to curb all the voices that speak against them. Mahesh Hedge a nationalist and owner of Postcard.News  an online portal which brings to light the wrongdoings, scams and sorry state of affairs under the ruling government was arrested under Section 66A (dishonest act). What’s appalling is that the draconian Section 66A of the IT Act had been struck down by the Supreme court in September last year.

If this is the treatment one gets for speaking the truth in a democratic country, then Karnataka is no different from North Korea and its rulers are fanatics blinded by power.

The fact of the matter is that the exact cause for arresting Hegde is still not out as it will expose the Congress government who has made his arrests based on fabricated evidences, as and other nationalist digital outlets have been continuously raising issues related to mis-governance and corruption in Karnataka under the present Congress regime.

One such incidence in which Hedge stood up and was very vocal about supporting was against a pro-Congress journalist Shekhar Gupta. Gupta made a senseless statement that Hindus are less likely to use a toilet than Muslims in India. His stupidity and no borders as he even furnished data saying, “Data reveals 25% of Hindus who own toilets don’t use them, only 10% of Muslims do the same”. Gupta blamed the Hindu caste system saying Hindus are motivated to open defection due to the preaching of Hindu Holy Scriptures. This irked Hegde and he decided to stand up against such fake liberals who resort to irrational extremity against Hinduism, just for the heck of it.

Hegde, often supported such pertinent issues and spoke up against the tyranny of the Karnataka government. According to him Karnataka has been turning into a draconian state under the rule of Congress.  Digging up Congress’ sordid past in Karnataka you wouldn’t beg to differ and second with Hegde. For instance, in 2015, Congress let off more than 1600 activists of radical Islamist organizations like PFI which was had had a role in several jihadi terror plots, and is now under investigation by NIA for IS terror links & organized forced conversion racket. Recently, Abid Pasha, a PFI worker accused of killing 8, including BJP worker K Raju, was released on bail and received a rousing welcome.

But if one were to follow just the national newspapers or even the regional Kannada media, most of this would come as a shock to the casual observer as such news is either censored or sidelined by traditional media which prefers the Congress model of ‘you scratch my back, I will scratch yours’. This is where the emergence of digital media outlets like,, etc which refuse to play by the Congress rule-book, has so infuriated the Congress top brass.

This arrest makes the waning flame of Congress and their fear to be wiped out very evident. And if Congress continuous such desperate attempts to overpower people with lawlessness then all those who oppose them will have to give them a taste of their own medicine. If such an ugly situation arises where people are overpowered for choosing to follow their faith and speaking their mind then the backlash of this can even be a Civil War. And Congress shall be blamed for it.


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