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This cop gifts safety violators helmets free of cost to Delhities

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • December 30, 2017
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Don’t be amazed after hearing this great initiative. A Delhi cop – Sandeep is been distributing safety violators at a crossing at Rohini, a suburb located in north-west Delhi. At first, he books the individuals who are without a helmet and later he gift them a free helmet at the end of his counseling session. Waaoow!!

You might often see him post his duty hours at the Rohini crossing with his other traffic cops, constable Sandeep keenly looks out for these helmetless riders. Once he books them, then the cop doesn’t stop. He has made it his private project to prominence the importance of road safety and also takes time out to explain to the helmetless riders the consequences of not wearing a helmet and the main reasons why traffic police request they ride with helmets on.

In an interview with a leading daily the cop said, “When the riders are convicted, I offer them a helmet”. Justifying the motivation behind his personal drive, he expressed how this career with Delhi Police disclosed that 90% of road deaths involve motorcyclists occurred due to riders not wearing proper helmets or wearing them incorrectly.

He even pursues an unusual strategy for the festive seasons. On occasions like Raksha Bandhan and Bhaiya Dooj, Sandeep takes counseling of women and children about the vitality of the helmet rule in order to make sure free helmets are being distributed to violators. Sandeep even explains that when they drive saddle with helmetless riders, they also become accessible to accidents. This helps women and children force a change in their own families by promising motorists in their families to ride with helmets on.

In upcoming decades, Sandeep plans to build awareness about not using the cell phones while driving and the vitality of wearing seatbelts too! We salute his spirit and gesture and also wish all the best!

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