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This cop’s timely intervention saved Vikas’s life

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • December 9, 2017
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A 47-year-old businessman, and a resident of T. Nagar, Chennai was returning home from OMR. Feeling quite unwell, Vikas parked his card on the roadside, near the Tidal Park Junction. Vikas was found waving for help, from a partially opened window, by a traffic enforcement police inspector C.K. Ravi.

While approaching towards his car, the cop found that Vikas was struggling to breathe drastically. Sensing that it might be a cardiac arrest, he immediately called constable L Sampath, and together, they moved Vikas to the back seat of his car. Constable Sampath kept up a conversation with Vikas to keep him conscious, while Inspector Ravi sped towards Adyar hospital in Chennai. Within few minutes, Vikas was admitted to the hospital.

The two cops were praised for their quick initiative by the Joint Commissioner of Traffic Police, south, and the Deputy Commissioner of Traffic Police, east. They acted right on time, within few seconds of a cardiac arrest, patients become unconscious. In about 3 to 4 minutes, permanent brain damage occurs which leads to the death of an individual. Their quick gesture was also praised by the Chief cardiologist at Adyar, who then informed Vikas’s wife, Sumitha.

Every moment is precious in case of a heart attack, so act fast. Don’t let the victim die in pain rather ask for the medical help. Remember, there is no household remedy for heart attack victims.

Most of us don’t know exactly what to do when they face such kind of situations like this, and with each passing minutes, survival chances fall down rapidly. If you see someone who requires help, call for a medical emergency immediately or take the person to a nearby hospital within a short span of time. Your immediate action can save someone’s life. Timely action, like in the case of Vikas, can save a precious life.


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