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This couple celebrates daughter’s naming ceremony with planting 101 trees

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • October 3, 2017
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The birth of a child in any Indian household is celebrated with bling and fervour. While large family gatherings, elaborate christening ceremonies or naamkarans, three-course meals and host of gifts are the trend, a Pune couple decided otherwise. For the Naiks, the celebration of their 1.5-month-old Alisha challenged all stereotypes and traditions. Instead of a lavish party, Ranjeet and Neha Naik decided to plant over 101 trees at Malshiras village and donate over 51 saplings to local students, spending over Rs. 50,000

Ranjeet, who runs an AutoCAD software training institute in Kothrud, and Neha, a professor at a Symbiosis institute in Viman Nagar, were blessed with a baby girl on August 18 this year. Thereafter, the usual expectations swirled in the air for her naming ceremony -an extravagant soiree at an exclusive venue, hundreds of guests, and a huge budget to garner the appreciation of attendees. But, the young couple decided to spend their money differently.

On Sunday, scores of friends and family members braved the heat and milled around the village plot around 55 km from Pune to plant a variety of flora, including neem, mango, chiku, bamboo, coconut palm, gulmohar, banyan, Java plum, sacred fig, tamarind, etc. Sticks and netting were also put around the plants as a safeguard against animals; later, a cake was cut and the baby’s new name -Alisha -celebrated by the revellers.

Just planting is not enough, so the couple has decided to take onus and visit the plantation regularly, once a week. The locals are also helping them monitor and replace damaged plants. The villagers were overwhelmed by the humble move of the Naik family and friends. They extended their gratitude.

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