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‘COURAGE v/s FEAR’ Two phases of a teenager girl’s : THE FEARLESS INDIAN

  • Aalok Pradhan
  • March 16, 2017
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Remember the Dangal girl Zaira Wasim who played the young version of wrestler Geeta Phogat. She made headlines after her movie for writing an extremely controversial open letter, that she later deleted from her social media handles. She was accused of violating Islamic laws due to her career choice.

As same as Zaira Wasim, the young talented singer from Indian Idol junior, Nahid Afrin is also accused of violating “Sharia Laws”. She belongs to Assam and some Islamic clerics in her state have issued a ‘fatwa’ against her. But she says she is not afraid and would not stop singing or performing until her death. The clerics’ organisation had also distributed some leaflets in around near Hojai in central Assam, asking the singer not to perform a function scheduled for March 25.

Nahid Afrin had brought laurels for her state Assam by becoming the runner-up in popular television singing reality show “Indian Idol Junior” in 2015. She debuted in Bollywood with 2016 Sonakshi Sinha starrer “Akira”. It appears that female in Muslim in the public gaze has been caught in the abusive posts of radical Islamic bigots, who will no doubt be branded as “trolls” by mainstream media.

All in all, it is indeed a troublesome to see a young Muslim woman actor from Kashmir get so much hate for just doing a job. We do not know any prohibition that prevents a woman from working. Islam says that there is no discrimination in being human between a man and a woman; they are equally liable for demands and prohibitions of God. If this is so, why these young and zealous are being threatened.

You can easily have a glimpse of two phases of women in this controversy. Dangal girl apologises and then deletes the tweet after receiving threatening, whereas, Nahid stands up courageously and refuses to bow down. Why women’s are being treated like a housewife material still in this century for some of the religion? No doubt, that Islam is a great religion but women’s are still not allowed to work and choose their career independently.  How can a religion be ashamed if a girl sings and acts in a public platform?


When a girl like Nahid Afrin moves a step ahead to break those so called stereotypes these ‘religious-thekedars’ come forward to issue fatwas in the name of religion. Islam says that the position of women and discussions of her rights in Islam focus on the participation of women in social life and work and have a job in the public service. The question arises here is, what these thekedars are trying to impose on women when the truth is far beyond the fake laws.


The women are equal with the men in economic and commercial domains and have no men or women, are encouraged to work. They have all kinds of rights and no religion asks a woman to not fulfil her dreams as per her choice. There is no sign of discrimination between men and women but still, there are some morons who purposely restrict such baseless fatwas.

Why a girl of the same religion step backs, deletes her posts and apologises whereas on the other side Nahid faces fearlessly with these warnings. She has now become a face of ‘Courageous’ girl who gave a hardcore reply to those people who are defaming Islam and giving a false impression of their religion itself.

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