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Crazy Rich Indians

  • Devvrat Mainhallikar
  • December 11, 2018
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I’ve grown up watching Uncle Scrooge & Richie Rich.Their extravagant wealth always fascinated me as a kid. When I grew up, it was Batman & Iron Man. They were filthy rich as well. Money was one of their superpowers. I always wondered what it would be like to be crazy rich in real life.

Today I found the answer to my question.


Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani. The man, richer than all the people mentioned earlier. Literally, The Richest Asian. Isha, the first of his 3 kids, is set to get married tomorrow. The expenditure of all the pre-wedding celebrations and the marriage ceremony combined is estimated at $100 Million. The 2nd costliest wedding in History, after Prince Charles & Diana’s wedding.

Everyone who is Rich and/or famous is on the guestlist. Politicians from India and Abroad, Bollywood A-listers and Industrialists. Former 1st lady of the U.S.A. Hillary Clinton is here. One of the world’s best-selling musical artists, Beyonce performed at the Sangeet. While Salman Khan was just another dancer at the back.

After marriage, Isha and Anand will move into a $64 million diamond-themed mansion at Worli Seaface, a wedding gift from Ajay Piramal.

So, if you think that money can’t buy happiness, you aren’t rich enough.

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