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Dear Baba, Touch Me Not!

  • Akshay Rane
  • September 29, 2017
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India is one of the most tolerant countries, or how else can you explain the ever-increasing count of fraud-babas.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim has been locked behind bars for good, but that doesn’t mean that this is the end of ‘Dhongi Babas’ in India.

The sexual crimes committed by these Godly-Men are known to all. The list is endless when it comes to jotting down the number of crimes committed by them.

Here are some of the infamous Babas, that have masqueraded as God men & given India a bad name over the years:

Asaram Bapu

Asaram Bapu is serving his jail term in connection of a rape case. In  addition to the rape case, Asaram Bapu is also being tried for an alleged land-grabbing case. It doesn’t end here. Asaram and his son were also investigated for the apparent murders of two boys, committed at his Asharam in Sabarmati.

What is strange is, Asaram though behind bars, still commands huge following among his followers, which is evident in news and social media.


Self-styled Godman Rampal, popular as Sant Rampal, was reported in the news when he clashed with supporters of Arya Samaj – founder – Swami Dayanand Saraswati in which, one individual lost his life. Rampal owns a large fleet of luxury cars and over 12 acres of land.

How did a Godman come in the possession of such a vast feet of luxury cars is beyond logic and reason.

Swami Nityananda

Swami Nityananda landed himself in a soup, when a video featuring him and a starlet in a compromising situation, went viral. In addition, to this controversy, Swami Nityananda was also accused of rape. Nityananda vehemently denied the allegations.

What comes as a surprise is all the cases have been covered by the media, yet these God-men enjoy unparalleled following among innocent, gullible people who practice everything these people preach.

Some pertinent questions need to be asked…

Why do we need the help of self-confessed God-men to help us seek spirituality?
Why do we time and again, trust this frauds, when we can actually seek a spiritual connection just by a visit to the temple and meditation.

It’s time that people become truly educated and knowledgeable, rather than just following God men like this.
It’s also time, that Indians start turning to learned counselors and psychiatrists rather than going to so-called miracle-men.

The Politician – God Men Nexus 

Politicians and God Men go in hand. Several political leaders have milked the cash cow that is the Babas,
who bring in hoards of gullible voters to political parties. The followers of these Dhongi Babas ensure that their followers cast their votes to the politicians, who allow their free-reign without hurdles or income-tax raids.

Casting political aspirations aside, politicians should instead ensure that these God-Men are brought to book with haste.

Education with Common Sense, the need of the hour  

Illiteracy can be attributed as one of the major factors for the unhindered reign of these criminals. However, a known fact is that even well-educated folks also fall prey to the traps of these Babas. This is why; education with common sense is the need of the hour to curb the flourishing trade of all Quacks.

Together, with increased awareness and Government control, we can bring an end to the nefarious activities to the so-called ‘Messengers of Gods.’

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