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Dear Mahatma Gandhi, here are the dead bodies of Rahul Upadhyay and Chandan Gupta you ordered

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  • January 29, 2018
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A Bollywood actress had said, the country is becoming regressive, because her commercial movie couldn’t release. No Miss Deepika Padukone, the country has gone back to pre-1947 era now that a youth got killed for holding the National Flag, and chanting Bharat Mata ki Jai. Do you have a word for it?

I was with Modi through all his decisions, I believed in his intentions of development, so what if they were paired with slight discomforts. This, however, is not the kind of discomfort I had signed up for. The martyrdom of these children won’t move any liberal journalist, there won’t be any #NotInMyName, because his religion and caste don’t suit the propaganda of buffoons who organize their periodic randi rona (I will not apologize for my language) from London to Lahore. These children were not practicing freedom of expression (like Bharat Tere Tukde Honge….), not spewing venom (like Gauri Lankesh), not allegedly stealing cattle or romancing girls half their age, so it’s only obvious that the intellectuals will remain nonchalant by his death, the flagbearers of secularism in India since 2014, Javed Akhtar, Shabana Azmi, Farhan Akhtar and a bunch of other halfwit morons of Bollywood will justify it.

The human rights “activists” couldn’t care less for those organizations are set up only to secure the rights of all the rapists and terrorists who have no religion. These 16 year old sanghis, to them, were saffron terrorists who deserved to die.

The deafening silence this country has adopted in the past two days is appalling. But of course, everyone has rushed into the theaters as Padmaavat has finally released. The journos who couldn’t make it are chasing Taimur Ali Khan to click his aww-dorably sullied diaper.

Can’t shame Republic TV and ABP News enough for tooling these deaths to further their depraved bias. These pathetic scars on the face of democracy steered clear of accusing the doctor who stole oxygen cylinders leading to loss of innocent lives in Gorakhpur, for that would offend a certain religion. But I have heard the shrieks of a mother. She, unlike you cravens, has named them. “Musalmano ne maara mere bete ko… unhone kaha bolo Pakistan Zindabad, mera beta bolta raha Bharat mata ki jai.” No, she didn’t say ‘minority’. We have a legion of minorities in India, but the Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists or Parsis didn’t kill him. You may go ahead and tag her as an RSS member but that doesn’t waver a bereaving mother.

Dear Prime Minister Modi, if this is secularism, I denounce it. Enough of this fake secularism that, in the past 70 years, has evolved into appeasement. The country was divided on the lines of religion, then why was these fake secularism thrusted upon us alone? If killing of Hindu children is justified by the constitution better take a lighter to that tall pile of treachery. Don’t preach me on Gandhi’s dreamt, how long do you want us to pay for his fancies? He gave two chunks of lands to them where they were free to chop Hindus to their heart’s desire. If that wasn’t enough, he urged the remaining to stay back to produce leaders who fantasize slaying of all Hindus in 15 minutes?

What did we get in return? Dead bodies of Rahul Upadhyay and Chandan Gupta? If the channels don’t name who killed them, let me without mincing any words say loud and clear – Mahatma Gandhi, it was you. You killed Chandan Gupta and Rahul Upadhyay.

“Even if Muslims decide to wipe out the Hindu race, there is no point in Hindus getting angry on Muslims. Even if they slit our throats, we should be patient and accept death.”

 –Mahatma Gandhi, 1947

Anyway, one good that came out of this is Aamir Khan’s wife, assured that little Azad is azad to shoot any Hindu boy and no channel would even name him lest it gave away his religion and hurt minority sentiments, can have a sound sleep now.


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