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Dear Yahoo, using Taimur Ali Khan in pursuit of your anti-Modi agenda? Can you go any lower?  

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  • February 5, 2018
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Such a shame that two of the most influential media houses of the world, Yahoo and CNN, failed summing up intestinal fortitude to host an article or two commemorating the 16 year old Chandan Gupta who lost his life at the hands of the fastest growing minority of India and most favored minority of media platforms worldwide, but couldn’t be prouder posting 17 odd articles on Taimur Ali Khan, his smile, his comb, his food, and how he mocks the Prime Minister two days from the disgraceful day that would go down in Indian history as an blotch in the name of national pride and patriotism.

I remember how these very media houses drowned us in a myriad articles howling over Junaid and cursing Shambhu. It’s only unfortunate that they find their balls castrated when an atrocity takes place at the hands of their beloved minority on the majority whose guts they hate from the bottom of theirs. Though we don’t need a media house that chases a baby round the clock, peeps into his diaper and presents us with the color, density, and odor of his poop, they could have feigned some empathy and put up an article honoring the youth killed for holding the National Flag high.

Though we understand, this picture and the deranged editing is not a product of the Pataudi Palace, we cannot guarantee that this depravity will not add to the existing dissatisfaction in people’s hearts over the child’s unflattering name that serves as a cruel reminiscent of the numerous unspeakable brutalities the Hindus had to suffer at the hand of his namesake.

Now that Yahoo India and CNN have presented us with how little Taimur essays “our Supreme Leader” when he hears of the attacks organized by the fringe groups he backs, here are a few enactments we are dying to see.

Please show us how Taimur Ali Khan reacts when he hears that a 16 year old Hindu boy was killed by a gang of minority he belongs to, while holding on to the flag, chanting praises of this country.

Please show us how he reacts when he learns that people of his community had attacked a bus full of innocent Hindu Pilgrims.

Please show us pictures of Taimur’s reaction when he learns about his people going about ramming trucks on the American people at Manhattan, blowing up the children in Manchester, shoving knives into the intestines of pedestrian walking the London Bridge, and … well the list goes on and on and on…. But we will love to see those aww-dorable reactions of little Taimur nevertheless. You see, we never get tired of him, isn’t he such an angel?

(NOTE: While we have nothing but unadulterated love and the choicest of blessings in our hearts for Taimur Ali Khan, this write up, targeted solely at the media houses, was essential to have these debauched presstitutes put in their right place.)

HemChandra Mishra


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