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Dear Chetan Sir, Thank You for not enrolling to the school of intellectual authors…and more!

  • Avantika Debnath
  • October 11, 2017
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Dear Chetan Sir, 

Hard for me to process that I am, in fact, writing to you. Though your literature doesn’t find a reader in me,  you earned oodles of my admiration by lending voice to my thoughts.  Agony swelled up my heart and my mind filled with detest, as I ran my eyes through yet another anti-Hindu verdict passed by the apex court. ‘They can only do it to us, dare they do it to anyone else?’ were your thoughts; these contemptuous feelings clouded my mind too. For once, I found a representative in you; Thank You. Thank you, for standing for my festival, thank you for not engaging in selective outrages, thank you for not enrolling to the school of intellectual authors and anchors sworn against India, who would do everything in their power to erase Hinduism, not only from India from the world map. You, good sir, had my respect.

But the respect I had just bestowed upon you, shook a li’l, as I read your subsequent tweets – Why not ban their goats – why not ban their Christmas trees – why not on Bakrid – Why not on Christmas. I would never measure up to your knowledge of the English language, wisdom, or discernment; but I was a little disappointed seeing you attack other religions and their festivals, unnecessarily. It isn’t the Muslims or the Christians that are standing in front of us and our fireworks, it’s the Supreme Authority of India. Wish you kept your tirade limited to the court, and refrained from dragging festivals of other faiths through the mud. You are an author, you must know where to put the full stop. We can fight for our right to celebrate the way we want; questioning someone else’s right belittles the cause.

Anyway, my blood boiled as I saw a bunch of fellow Hindus passionately condemning your dissatisfaction. ‘Faith Traitors!’ I cursed them in my mind, ‘Hinduism will wither away in no time!’ As I rushed through, their tweets took me to Delhi, 29 October 2016. The past night was illumined by dancing flames of a myriad lamps, then why is this morning so black? Why can I not see anything? Why is my head reeling? Why can I not breathe? What is this darkness? What is this vacuum? As I shut my laptop with a start, I could see through Supreme Court’s verdict – clear as day.

I share your angst – why only us every time? My Dida has an answer to this ‘why’ – We are Hindus. We enthusiastically celebrate Deepawali, worship Goddess Lakshmi with fondness, and hold Lord Rama very dear to our heart. But that is not it. The essence of our religion is in the saying, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, we share a close kinship with the entire creation – they don’t. We worship elephants, rats, snakes, monkeys, cows – they don’t. We revere Peepal, Neem, Tulasi, Banyan, and even the grass in form of Durba – they don’t. We bow down to this soil, for us – it is our mother, Mata Vashudha. We hail the air we inhale as Pawan Dev, rains as King Indra, the rivers as Ganga and Yamuna maiya – they don’t. Yudhishthira, oblivious of the truth, walked a stray dog into the doors of heaven. They were our ancestors who passed on this rich legacy, an unparalleled bond with the bountiful nature surrounding us – not theirs. And so, maybe, just maybe, it’s incumbent upon us more than them to care for our many kin and tend to our many gods. My Dida has no degrees to match up your high qualifications, please don’t take to heart, if anything she said offends you. But I saw a reason in her rural unversed explanation, thought of sharing it with you, as both of us were fighting a whirlwind of similar emotions. Happy Diwali.



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