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Decoding Xi JinPing, Galwan Valley- A Betrayal

  • Sukanya Iyer
  • June 18, 2020
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Indian Army Calls the Chinese Army BluffLet me tell You all Why Gaĺwan Valley Send Shivers down the Spine of Xi?

The Fear of Indias Growing Might,as India Developed its Infrastructure base, Indias Access Point to AKSAI CHIN from India, the Construction of Feeder Roads, 224km Road in SHYOK BDO Rd in Ladakh, India is Constructing A Bridge Across Galwan Nullah,the reason for China becoming so Nervous, as India is Constructing A Bridge,A Bridge that is Giving China Nightmares.In 2019, India Inaugurated Col.Chewang Richen Setu,the Bridge is 7.5km from LAC, let’s understand the Galwan Conflict- as the Galwan Valley falls under Sub Sector North,this New Bridge will allow Heavy Military Movements in these High Altitude of 14,000 Regions,it was this Bridge triggered the Latest faceoff between India & China.The Fear of Indias Growing might,so China deployed its Troops at LAC, to Stop the Construction of Feeder Roads.This send Jitters to Xijinping– Construction of BDO Rd, Feeder Road, The Landing Strip,they have all cemented Indias Dominance in that Region.Now China is in Panicku mode, its biggest  fear is Indias Recovery of AKSAI CHIN,the Indian Territory that China captured in 1962.The Galwan area was Biggest Flashpoint in 1962 too. The Real Nervousness of China’s Military Strength for India in 2020 under our Dynamic Leadership at the helm of Affairs in New Delhi 
Let me Give you all A detailed description on Casualties on both the Sides, bringing you all the Facts…

When more than 1000 soldiers clash, whether with barbed clubs sticks or baseball bats, 20 or 30 or 50 is a low figure. In the narrow gorge that defines the terrain at the point of contact in Gwalan valley in sub zero temperatures of High Altitude Areas of Ladakh, chances of  soldiers rolling down into the river and getting washed away in icy river are reasonably high.
Expect more  casualties on both sides and that is one part of the story.Looking beyond, the perpetual bully called China (whose 60% territory today actually never belonged to China, including white of TIBET/XINJIANG/UIGHUR/AKSAI CHIN/PARTS OF MONGOLIA) is talking about  ‘No War’ WITH INDIA within a few hours of getting a bloodied nose BY INDIAN ARMY and that is something unprecedented.Those who follow Chinese closely, would get the point being made.
Indo-China war will not happen
China is in no position to wage a war with the whole world, except two nations, *staring Chinese in their slanting eyes
Now the question is if war was not the motive, why did it happen after the issue had been discussed and decision had been taken a few hours back to pull back!
For China, it was a gamble that had to be taken. After the bashing that the top leadership received post withdrawal and climbdown in Doklam, another similar withdrawal would have put the Chinese President on a barbeque. At the same time, with the CPEC compulsion forcing China to do something especially after 370 abrogation, they took a gamble. *Chinese were playing & hoping on usual Indian response of exercising restraint.
But there is no one more unpredictable, volatile & volcanic as an Indian Army Battalion whose Commanding Officer has been martyred while leading his Battalion to save the DIGNITY of his Motherland, anything could happen and somewhere, the control over the ploy was lost by the Chinese who were shocked and bewildered by Indian Ferocity on the night of 15 June 20 in icy heights of Ladakh. Chinese one-child policy has led to a generation of AC-reared pampered kids who form their forces today. Those CHINESE Army softies were  never expected to match up with Indian soldiers one to one to start with and it got proved in less than two hours.Just Six hours later, Chinese were calling Indians  for talks! Had Indians taken it lying down, China would have declared itself a Victor after the stand off.
Loss of life is sad but ,we Indian soldiers take it with a sense of pride,Our only regret is the compulsion to fight in a way that identifies with the stone age.
 No one knows for sure what kind of Indian response will follow since as per the reports till now, Chinese had started it in the first place. India giving it back hereafter may or may not happen.But I have a feeling that this moment will define our future relationship with China.
China has lost the plot and the dominating position that it has always been very proud of.
Chinese talking peace, so soon after a skirmish, is unusual and it tells us a thing or two.

Govt will do what is supposed to be done; our soldiers will fight when ordered but the first thing that all of us can do is to BOYCOTT the Chinese CRAP from today itself.We don’t have to throw everything out but we must stop buying Chinese goods! Rest will be taken care of.
“While Indians might have harboured confusion about their relationship with China, China has been clear about their POV. They consider India an adversary to be weakened, broken and subjugated in every way.  And they have been at it for years now. Let military men talk about military things. As a businessman, let me talk about business. 

Let me tell you 2 Anecdotes about China. 
These are the Two Case Studies Narrated…
A tale of Two Testimonials…
Back in 2008/09, I had to procure a particularly large quantity of flooring from China for a hotel project. Indian manufacturers had scant range, Europeans were far too expensive. It made sense to explore China. 
So I spent considerable time exploring the best that China had to offer. The best of what I liked fell in the vitrified range, which had very attractive pricing but attracted an Anti Dumping Duty in India. The option was to settle for Ceramic, which was at best a compromise. Since the order was pretty large and I seemed keen on the vitrified, the vendor’s Sales Head, one of the largest manufacturers in China, invited me over for dinner. Over the course of the evening, he delicately broached the topic.
Why don’t you buy the vitrified tiles, since they serve your purpose? he asked. Anti Dumping Duty makes it unviable to import, I replied.Let me propose a solution, he said. You import the vitrified tiles and we will pay the Anti Dumping Duty.Why would you do that? I asked.There’s a catch. We’ll pay the Anti Dumping Duty on the condition that you go back and file a case in your courts to remove Anti Dumping Duty from Chinese vitrified tiles. Hire the best lawyers, pursue the case. We will pay all your legal charges too. 
I began getting the drift of the conversation. 
Let me think about it, I said and backed out. 
We didn’t buy, but I was interested enough to research that company. Turned out, it was registered in the British Virgin Islands, behind a web of screens, probably owned by senior Communist Party officials.

A very large ophthalmic lens company wanted me to help them procure lenses from China. Again, around 2006-07.So we explored and narrowed down to a mom-pop Chinese manufacturer, in the suburbs of Shanghai, with a capacity to manufacture almost 60% of India’s demand.
The importer’s Manager who had come along with me, a particularly hardnosed Sindhi gentleman, was obscenely negotiative. The mom-pop factory had their daughter study international business to be able to deal in English with foreign buyers. She led the negotiations. The haggling came to the point that the daughter called the cost ledger to show us that our expected price was just about covering their manufacturing cost. 
Our Sindhi friend wasn’t taking no for an answer, Why the hell are we in China, if not to buy cheap? He argued.
After 3 hrs, we had a deal. At 1% above cost! 
To celebrate they took us out for dinner. There, I asked the daughter, how can you manage to deliver at 1% over cost?She gave all sorts of candy floss answers till I broke her defences.You see, she said, we will get 10% export subsidy. We will get it by the end of the year but that will take care of the profits. Till then, the cost +1% will bring in the cash flows.
That’s how China has structured their game. Make the world dependent on China. Offer deals that a buyer just can’t refuse.

The Above two are Anecdotes I hv tried to Produce it as it is in their own version
When we flood the SM with Boycott Chinese Products, it hits them where it hurts.Decades of planning comes tumbling down.Know your adversaries. Make up your mind on Chiese products.
They are making you pay for your own surrender.Boycotting products hurts them personally. Most businesses are owned by CP officials. Boycotting causes personal losses to them.Nearly 40% of the Raw Materials are imported from China, in turn China has Increased the Raw Materials Cost to 20%…!!

India China standoff may have military overtones. What hurts is the boycott of Chinese products & weaning of International manufacturers from China.”It’d be interesting to dig up the names of ALL Indian entities who have filed suits against Anti-Dumping Duties. We will get our list of sell coats.

Wars are won when a COUNTRY fights as one. Let ALL INDIANS play our roleWe have A Leadership which has a Strong Willed & A Vibrant Geo-Political Strategies which made Bharat as the Emerging Nations of the World as Mark Mobius..We are already Fighting Global Pandemic #WuhanChineseVirus amidst this Pandemic we have lost our Brave Warriors fighting & lost their Lives to Save our Territory…!!
Your Sacrifices wont Go in Vain….Your Bloodbath at Galwan Valley will be answered Fittingly…already China is Isolated Internationally.. whether War will be waged or not..time has come to Show Xijinping– A Miltary Dictatorship with A CleverFox Attitude to Put him on his Place through Muscle & Might…the Tone & Tenor in which he Understands…As a matter of Fact this India which is not in 1962 under Nehruvian Era but under PM Modi whose Primary Intent is “RashtraHith SarvoPari”
Naya Bharat Nayee Umeed

SALUTATIONS to our Brave Warriors 

Dr.Sukanya Subbanna Iyer

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