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Delhi continues to be the most unsafe place for women in the country

  • Akshay Rane
  • February 12, 2018
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While America continues to make massive progress via the #MeToo campaign, India’s capital Delhi perennially remains to be unsafe for women overall.

A female Delhi University student, recently, while travelling shot a fellow passenger fondling his private parts out in the open. He continued masturbating and touched the girl with his elbow. The scared girl immediately screamed at the man only to be rebuked by the offender.

She tried raising an alarm and sought help from her co-passengers but alas she received no support whatsoever. The offender continued with his vile act without any pause.

The incident took place when the bus was near the famous Vasant Vihar area of South Delhi. The college student then got out of the bus to file a police complaint at the nearby station. Sadly, her ordeal didn’t end as she was made to wait over 7 hours to file a simple FIR. The police instead cross-questioned her delay for not reaching earlier to file a police complaint.

Thankfully, the woman had already recorded the entire incident on her mobile phone.

Apparently, there wasn’t a single officer-on-duty or a Marshall on board, as promised by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

We would certainly like to hear your unfiltered views on this entire incident. Isn’t it high time that women are made to feel safer in our country. Right from bystanders to the policemen, it is everyone’s duty to stand up for the safety of women.

Share your opinion about the recent Delhi incident in the comment section below. #BeFearless #VoiceyourOpinion

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