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A doctor’s take on the recent deaths of innocents in UP… Read On

  • Dr. Philip Mendoza
  • September 7, 2017
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‘I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart,  a cancerous growth, but a sick human being.’ These are the words that a doctor recites before beginning practice.

The press reports detailing the death of 49 infants at RML hospital, UP within a period of one month is the recent news that has shocked our country.

The initial reports stated the cause of death as perinatal asphyxia which is not just lack of oxygen. It is a condition in which the child doesn’t breathe normally before,  during or after birth.

While deprivation of oxygen supply after birth in all 49 cases is yet to be determined.

What is most important here is that – how easily the FIR was filed stating that oxygen deprivation was the only reason for cause of their death. Would any normal person knowing that something within your reach will save a life would willfully withhold it?

How easy it is to call doctors errant when people don’t even know what perinatal asphyxia means.

I personally having worked a year at a Govt. hospital have seen the mass-load of patients and the lack of medicines at these so-called renowned Govt. institutes.

Is the doctor withholding all the medicine, are they the ones denying care for whoever enters the institutions, then why so easily blame them?

However, our beloved Govt. continued to play the blame game and try to win people.

They are still worried about “voters”, while they should be joining forces to provide all facilities to Govt. hospitals, across India.

We live in a developing country where majority of the population is middle and lower economic classes who are dependent on govt institutions for health and family welfare.

While doctors go on to strike to save the others, they are said to be using arm twisting practices against the people.

‘We serve the people. Have been since long and always will.’

The main issue here was to find out the cause of death among the children. If negligence is the cause then surely action has to be taken.

But what has the Govt. planned in improving the facilities provided to Govt. hospitals across the country.

Saving lives is what is most important part here and making sure that no child or  adult , should be deprived of any medical care needed.


  • Dr. Philip Mendoza

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