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Dreams Do Come True

  • Devvrat Mainhallikar
  • August 18, 2020
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In 1903, Wright Brothers invented the first successful airplane. One such attempt was also made by an Indian, Shivkar Bapuji Talpade even before Wright Brothers and the that aircraft was named as “Marutsakha”. But due to unsupported documents and lack of evidences of having successful trail, it remained closed in the history books. It took almost 122 years for an Indian to turn this opportunity into reality as we have no indigenous company to manufacture commercial airplanes.

Find the Roots!

At the age of 19, a young passionate Capt. Amol Yadav flew to U.S to pursue his dream of becoming a commercial pilot. He went through a tough training which is required for becoming a Pilot. With passion, hopes and inspiration he returned to India.  Everything was not smooth as he gave his everything to make his dream into the reality. In 1998, The journey started of a dream which was more than anyone thought of, He solely made a 2-seater aircraft but due to technical reasons it was left grounded. During the time, his father Mr. Shivaji. S. Yadav stood firmly by him through all the ups and downs. In 2010, he conceptualizes new aircraft TAC 003. At his home residence in Ghatkopar, he built the six-seater aircraft on the terrace. It took 6 years to finish it.

Eagle touches the Sky!

In Make in India exhibition, this six-seater aircraft was the talk of the country. He formed his aircraft manufacturing company Thrust Aircraft Pvt Ltd. The company followed all the procedures and norms of the AAI and DGCA policy during the manufacturing of the aircraft. On 11th Aug 2020, Captain Amol Yadav completed test flight of the aircraft in presence of aircraft insurers which involved performance and vital parameter testing of aircraft VT-NMD and it was successful. The time was tough but his friends, family and all the well-wisher gave him wings to fly and achieve his dream. To manufacture more aircrafts, state government will allot 152-acre plot in Palghar district, hopeful Captain said in the press conference.

To sum up, we need people like Capt. Amol Yadav and family like his to support individuals despite the uncertainty. You did not only encourage us but also made the entire country take note of it.  Proud of You, Captain!

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