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Empowering Women in the Real Sense

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  • April 10, 2018
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Bygone times tell us that a lot of women welfare organizations, public figures and also renowned political parties have spoken about women empowerment.

A lot of initiatives have also been undertaken by previous governments since independence but has not yielded the desired results due to lack of proper planning and policy implementation.

But if we observe the present government policies towards women, NDA is considered to be the most pro-women government in history, till date.

Let us look at some remarkable policies by NDA government which has exponentially shown a great development in the condition of women in India.

Breaking the conventions and without playing vote bank politics, triple talaq bill was introduced which would provide legal help to many Shah Bano, who are deserted by their husband without any proper legal process. The bills would give them the platform to fight for their rights and live with dignity. This bill would also give a sense of security to the women and gender equality. Though there has been a lot of hue and cry about it from many political and religious forums to polarize the voters instead of thinking about the betterment of the society as a whole.

Again, if we see the benefits provided to a working female in other countries is more up to date, whereas any previous Indian government has never looked at this as a precedence over the other issues. But breaking the traditions, in a historical move, 12 weeks maternity leave has been increased to paid  26 weeks leave, which is going to provide a great relief to the working women to balance their work and  life, along with that the EPF contribution has been subsidized for women at 4% which will result in greater take home.

Taking a paradigm for earlier instance like Nirbhaya NDA also has passed the juvenile justice bills which paved the way for children in the age group of 16-18 to be tried as an adult if they commit any heinous crimes.

In a very first Modi Government has set an example for the other political party by having six women ministers in its cabinet holding the VVIP portfolio like Ministry of external and Overseas Indian Affairs, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Women and child development, Defense, Drinking Water and Sanitation and Food processing industries.

Moving ahead with times the NDA government has also scrapped mention of father’s or husband’s name for the issuance of passport and many other documents.

With all these changes, what we hope to see is 33% reservation for Women reservation bills.

By Jaya Chowdhury


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