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Is this the end of Narendra Modi?

  • Holy Cow
  • January 15, 2018
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The turd tornado that hit the judiciary yesterday might sound a little complicated for the uninitiated mind. Let’s see if we can break it down.

  1. The Supreme Court snubbed the government’s plea and deferred the hearing on the Rohingyas’ deportation.
  2. They couldn’t care less about the Kashmiri Pandits, living like refugees in their own country after being driven away from their homes; seeing their women raped, awaiting justice for nearly two decades.
  3. SC stalled over 135 cases of corruption which were filed by CBI about a decade ago. The CBI has been pleading a hearing dreading the loss of evidence, but if only the court gave a damn.
  4. How many times has Modi been dragged into the 2002 Gujrat riots despite being acquitted? But you would never hear the left/liberals rake up the 1984 Sikh Genocide led by Congress leaders. Over 3000 of our Sikh brothers were slaughtered but the SC chose to close the case unceremoniously. It was just a couple of days ago that the issue was asked to reopen – by the CJI.
  1. SC has kept the Janmabhoomi case pending for years now, just the way the INC wanted. The Allahabad HC had passed the verdict in favor of Hindus, but neither did the Congress build the Ram Mandir, nor did it let the SC take it up again and settle the dispute.
  2. SC maintained radio silence when the HC Judge IM Quddudi reversed their orders of prohibiting admission in a medical college upon finding it guilty of corruption. The HC judge was suspended for this fraud but was later caught with an amount of 2 crores which he intended to use as a bribe for a favorable judgment. These very judges, presenting an insane theory that CJI himself is involved in the case, have emerged as heroes for leftists since yesterday.
  3. The Modi government has established 12 Special courts for the speedy trial of politicians involved in corruption which is to commence from 1st March 2018. It has been proposed that once found guilty, the politicians would not be allowed to contest in elections.

The Supreme Court needs to decide on the judges who would hear all the above cases. Given that the present government is trying to convict the biggest crooks for Indian politics, if it succeeds, the dynasty would crumble down in minutes, and with them, all their loyalists would be swamped down the drain – yes, this includes these 4 judges appointed by the Congress. Though the Congress is not in power anymore, the screws that they had fitted throughout the system, are staying loyal to them, assuring that each of the PM’s efforts to counter corruption is thwarted. Calling the press conference was just a part of their plan and one needs to be totally ignorant of facts to not see through this deceptive calculation.

Their sole aim is to assure the above cases, paramount to India’s present and future, go to judges of their choosing so they could manipulate the verdict as per their patrons’ sweet will. The CJI, however, wouldn’t let that happen. So now what? Take a page out of Vivek Oberoi’s book. Call a press conference and sling muck at him.

The problem is, despite those riotous TV debates, no one is asking the right questions. “By saying CJI is arbitrarily allocating cases, is it that their own Brother Judges are corrupt and they know it? Why not name them?” Give it a week or two, a couple of more sleeper cell judges would join the party, level additional allegations and give the Arnab Goswamis and Rohit Sardanas of the world fuel to run another episode.

It is tough, after all, to fight a dynasty that is ruling India since the “so-called” independence. And Modi alone cannot do much. Man will be defeated, I guess, and so will we, the people who placed him in the office of Prime Minister. A British officer once said, “if we leave this country, it will emerge as one of the most corrupt nations in the world.”  70 year hence, here we are, turning his words true.

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