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The Fearless Indian: The best of 2017

  • Akshay Rane
  • December 27, 2017
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2017 was a bitter-sweet year for India! While India reached new heights with respect to Economic status, it was left lagging behind when it came to tourist safety and relationships with neighbouring country, Pakistan.

2017 also marked some highs for the Fearless Indian. While we did create some strong ripples in the online web-world, we also had to face the onslaught of merciless trolls.

Our campaign during Diwali against the much publicized and criticized fireworks ban earned us some unfiltered hate messages and abuses. The Fearless Indian had only one motive for speaking out against the ban and that is to raise our voice against the hypocrisy against a certain sect of the society. We would like to make our stance clear once and for all; we at the Fearless Indian respect all religions and will continue to do so.

Nevertheless, we continued with our relentless pursuit of speaking against hypocrisy at large in the society. This year, we also began the tradition of publishing the TFI Cartoon series which received overwhelming response from you all.

We promise to re-start and continue with the tradition of publishing satirical cartoons that will make you laugh and ponder.

2017 was a year which left us confused reading all the comments that you guys sent us. Few termed us as anti-nationals whenever we published an article against the current ruling Government whereas many called us as Bhakts whenever we praised the Government-in-power. Regardless, we will strive to praise or criticize our leaders without any bias.

This year also marked the debut of our anonymous Guest Writer – Holy Cow! Wow, and what a debut that was!

Holy Cow’s Mooisms on Twinkle Khanna went viral overnight and gave us sleepless nights as well. In 2018, Holy Cow will only continue to be even more vocal than before.

To all our readers (followers or haters), stay tuned for 2018 as it only gets better from here. And yes, look forward for TFI Originals, our own series of original video content, coming soon.

Thank you for all the love and feedback showered upon us in 2017!

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