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Feminazis and biodegrdable napkins

  • Avantika Debnath
  • March 17, 2018
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Why I hate intellectually dishonest Facebook Feminazis, reason 1001: It’s been more than a couple of days that these super economic sanitary napkins have been launched by the government (which political party is behind this initiative is the last thing I am concerned about. I would hail whoever it is. )

Now please go through your newsfeeds and help me understand how many of those crybaby feminists who were howling and signing some fictional petitions to get sanitary napkins GST free have posted about this and tried their least to spread awareness about it? Has any queen from Bollywood’s kingdom of feminism, the ones who were clicking selfies with sanitary napkins just a month ago gone to the rural areas and handed these out to women who really need help, the kind who cannot double tap their Instagram clicks because social media isn’t something they can dearly afford?

Two girls fling semen filled balloons on two other women and the fake feminists freak out; blinded by their own hypocrisy, they accuse all men with an equally retarded hashtag #YesAllMen for the very plain and obvious reason- biology. Where are these petition-signing, men-bashing pseudo feminists now that we could really use their enthusiasm a little? Why don’t they work towards getting this information where it’s needed? Because they don’t give a rat’s behind. They just have to put in their “I-see-patriarchy-everywhere” glasses and screech to make their flimsy virtual presence felt.

Now that I am done ranting, let me congratulate all the deprived women for finally getting what they needed the most. Would request all readers to share and spread the word so it reaches all our sisters, mothers and daughters in villages afar.

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