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Foods you can eat to your heart’s content without fear of gaining weight

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  • May 12, 2017
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How would you feel if you could eat as much as your heart desired and not worry about weight gain? That would be pretty awesome, right? While The Body Nirvana does not say you should binge eat, yet we are pretty certain that there are some foods you don’t take enough of. So you can eat those till you feel fully satisfied. It will not cause any harm to your health, or any weight gain. Remember if you feel full, stop eating. Don’t torture your body by overeating. Also, wait to be hungry before you eat. If you feel that you are feeling hungry too soon, you just had a satisfying meal, then drink some water. Our body often confuses thirst for hunger. Sometimes a glass of water is all it takes to make you feel comfortable. Remember always, your body knows best what it needs.

  1. You need to check your blood sugar levels once every year. If you know you don’t have a tendency to develop diabetes then all kinds of fruits are your best friends. Eat a fruit first thing in the morning, and then again between breakfast and lunch for best result. You can also have fruit in the evening when hungry. The best fruits are local, seasonal fruits. So if you live in Pune and it is summer then eat mangoes! Bananas and sweetlime are an all season great in India. If you have diabetes then check the recommendation of your doctor or dietician.
  2. In Indian weather cucumbers are wonderful to stay hydrated and get plenty of fiber besides. Cucumbers make fantastic snack for kids after school to give them fluid. They also go well with bread as a fresh and crunchy sandwich. My kid loves to eat chopped cucumber in a mixed salad with chopped tomato and coriander, and pasta sauce as dressing!
  3. Dark chickpea or kala chana. This is a super food that is packed with vitamins, protein and fiber. It is so easy to prepare. It tastes fabulous if you just soak it overnight, boil for 20mins, drain and sprinkle chaat masala. Of course you can also prepare a fancy dish with it with onions, tomato, ginger, garlic and spices. You can have a bowl of this for breakfast to keep you feeling satisfied longer. It is such a versatile food it also goes into salad (boiled), is a main dish for lunch or dinner, and can be eaten dry or with gravy.
  4. Don’t wince. I know this word makes you think of boring school textbooks that talked about the importance of green leafy vegetables. There are plenty of ways to get the benefits without the boredom. First off don’t restrict yourself to spinach (palak). Spinach is great, partly because it is so easy to grow yourself. Then you can pick the tender leaves. Tender leaves taste delicious if you just toss them in ghee with sesame seeds, and add a dash of salt and lime. However, there are more greens readily available, like radish greens, sarson greens, amaranth, methi, lettuce, mint and coriander leaves. You can add these as garnish, make a green smoothie with them, or use them chopped for bhaaji, saag or semi-gravy preparations. Remember that a dash of lime on greens increases their iron absorption manifold. So have greens with lime.
  5. Not many vegetarians make mushrooms, but that is because traditionally these were not readily available at a reasonable price. Now they are and we can add them to our diet without fear. Mushrooms are mostly water and so help us stay hydrated. They are low in calorie and have a gentle flavor. Mushrooms must be washed well in warm water before use. Then they can be sliced and sautéed in garlic butter as a super-simple side dish. If mushrooms are new to your diet you may start by adding some to your favourite pasta, rice, or paneer dish. Mushrooms can also replace paneer in a traditional palak paneer dish. Another all-time hit recipe is made just like alu-matar gravy dish, with mushroom instead of potato.

Besides this you may also want to add more nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashew to your diet and also seeds like alsi (flaxseed), sabja (chiaseed), saunf (fennel), ajwain (caraway) and jeera (cumin). You just need to be watchful of the quantities as nuts and seeds are high on fatty acids. These fatty acids are excellent for health but in balanced amount only.

As you can see, you never have to be afraid of food. Just be wise with your choices. Don’t stuff yourself with anything, including ‘healthy’ foods, as overeating is never helpful. Eat with a feeling of gratitude and joy so that you have peak digestion. Balance your meals with outdoor activities every day, doing things you love, like gardening, walking a pet, cycling, going to a park etc.

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