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We should fully support Government stand taken on Rohingya-issue…

  • Ashok Rane
  • September 25, 2017
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As the Government of Myanmar started taking action against the Terrorists in their country, they are running to India to get Protection. Some Political people in India who want to protect their vote banks or want some easy terrorists to be trained for anti-national activities, want that India should accept Rohingya Muslims running from Myanmar, as refugees.

It will be harmful and against our national interests to accept Rohingya Muslims as refugees on the demand of so-called humanitarians. Our country is fighting with Terrorism for quite a long time. Allowing further influx of refugees who are vulnerable to joining terrorist groups will be self-defeating.

We should also not forget that a few months back, Myanmar Government had allowed our forces to enter their territory and to take action against the terrorists hiding there and occasionally carrying out terrorist activities in India. (Such groups cross the borders, enter in to Indian Territory, create terrorist activities and run back in Myanmar taking shelter in forests.) . That was a successful mission. In this background, if terrorists are running from Myanmar because of the Government action against them, are given refuge in India will be an act of ungratefulness  or deceit against Myanmar. Our National interests will not be fulfilled if runaway terrorists are accepted as refugees.

We will weaken the support of international community in the war against terrorism by accepting Rohingya as refugees. It will affect our neighbors who stand with us against terrorism and they will consider withdrawing their support. We will be totally at loss.

These humanitarians who say that there is no religion for terror, remain silent when Kashmiri Pandits in J&K are attacked, pilgrims are killed in cold blood. The Government should not succumb to the pressure of such blind humanitarian groups and should take a strong stand to deal with Rohingya issue. If the infiltration is allowed, our North-Eastern Borders will also face similar situation, which prevails on J&K borders.

The statement of Myanmar leader – Aung San Suu Kyi – that they are open to Global Scrutiny and will arrange for the visit of Global Community is certainly to be noted. She further says: ‘They should ask the Rohingyas, who stayed back in Myanmar,  why they have not fled and have chose to remain’.

We should give our full support to our Government on the stand being taken on this issue and should not succumb to the pressure being created by so-called humanitarians.



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