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Another day gone by, another gun-attack in the United States!

  • Akshay Rane
  • November 6, 2017
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Gun violence in the United States just does not cease to exist. Hardly a month post-the Las Vegas attack, another gun-toting freak has gone on a rampage in the United States, this time at Texas.

The gunman identified by the police authorities served in the US-Air Force and was discharged from service for physically assaulting his wife and child.

The gunman – Devin Kelley – entered a Texas church and mercilessly opened fire at those attending the service. Records suggest, 26 people have lost their lives in the incident and over 20 others have been seriously injured.
The gunman was later found dead in his vehicle.

Which brings us to the age-old debate; why doesn’t the United States-Government impose stringent gun-control laws which bars people from freely possessing or buying arms?

In this year alone, over 300 individuals have lost their lives in gun-related violence and there certainly seems to be no end to it. Right from schools, colleges to churches and public events; psychotic gunmen haven’t spared anyone or any place.

It is obvious that the current United States Government views arms and ammunition as a flourishing industry that yields them unimaginable revenue. In addition, the gun lobby have also supported Donald Trump’s election campaign.

It is to be seen if the United States Government goes for the greater good and implements a strict gun-control law or continues to put the blame on visitors or immigrants living in the States.

Irrespective of the decision taken by the United States Government, our prayers are with the bereaved families.

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