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Har-Ki-Dun – The Valley of God!

  • Akshay Rane
  • September 13, 2017
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Lovely valley, ancient bygone era villages, beautiful forest, rushing rivers and Swargarohini peaks is Har ki dun all about.

The majestic Shivling at the peak of the trek at 12000 ft from sea-level is the answer to all your tranquility desires.

The view of Swargrohini peak on top from where the Pandavas took abode to heaven and the sparkling streams flowing amidst the mountains are so stunning that it takes a lot of effort to pull yourself away and back to your routine-city lives.

The Osla village on the way to har ki dun is a place to visit and surrender yourself to the simplicity of the mountain livelihood. The welcoming gesture of the families living on the mountain edges since generations without any gist of technology brings you to another era altogether.

The mountain kid called Pawan is so friendly that it brought out my moment of the trek and wishes to see him once again someday, sometime.!! Kareena, a hardworking little girl carrying weights all across the trail following for some free bangles to brighten up her day..

The only place where Duryodhan is worshiped and have a temple of his own with wooden carvings and great architecture of age old era.

Gave me a lifetime of stories to remember and a desire to be back and relive the same moments with my Pawan.. <3


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