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Hard Work Pays Off for Sure- P.V. Sindhu Signs 50 Crore Deal…

  • Hiral Patel
  • September 27, 2016
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For a sports person in India pursuing their goals in any form of sport is full of hurdles and challenges. Hard work and dedication is mandatory for any person to (succeed) achieve ones goals. You may have talent, you may have your dreams but they are of no use until and unless you give in your 100%. To reach the pinnacle of the sport one has to give it all from crashing ones bones to bruising ones knees. Given the nature of sports, inspiration and motivation are two things that can make a mark in how things go ahead.

Olympic silver medallist P V Sindhu has made India proud by her emphatic victory. It’s been a while now, since the Rio Olympics, but PV Sindhu continues to ride the wave of her success. It is being said (According to media reports) that the silver medallist shuttler has signed a three-year deal with- Baseline, Sports management Company, in a deal which could be worth up to Rs. 50 crore. This is the highest amount any non-cricket playing sportsperson has ever got.

Baseline will manage Sindhu’s brand profiling, licensing, endorsements etc. While 16 companies are said to be keen on Sindhu endorsing their products and is in the final stages of signing with nine. Many companies have approached Sindhu for endorsements but deals with financial institutions and women-centric brands were finalised. The agency said, like her coach Pullela Gopichand, she too won’t endorse Cola Brands as they have an adverse influence on youth.

“Another important aspect is that she will allocate very limited time for commercials. Her practice time will not be affected,” Mishra said.

Under the deal, Sindu will receive a certain amount of guarantee money upfront every year while the rest will depend on her endorsements. This deal is supposedly the best in terms of the finances that any non-cricket playing sportsperson has got.

PV Sindhu’s success is the result of her hard work and dedication. She has set an example for other young sports persons in the country. Even after achieving success, her humility and value makes her the perfect symbol for women power.

(Inputs from TOI)

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