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Hardik Patel to change Congress fortunes via FB?

  • Akshay Rane
  • February 22, 2018
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Patidar aggressive leader – Hardik Patel – has taken it upon himself to change Congress fortunes for good.

The Patidar, since the Gujarat 2017 elections has been supporting the Congress both, during the poll and even post it. Everybody felt that the Congress-Hardik alliance will come to an end immediately after the Assembly elections.

However, that seems to be far from happening considering the growing fondness between the Indian National Congress and the Patidar. This Thursday, Hardik Patel will be conducting a special workshop for the Congress-city unit how to take on the ruling Government in the online space.

The Congress’s city unit, via the interactive session, will be hoping to make the most of it considering Patel’s growing clout in Gujarat both on field and in the virtual space, as well. The session will be held in Mumbai and will be attended by Susieben Shah, who heads the social media team of the Mumbai-Congress. Through the first-of-its kind class, for the Congress, the city-unit seeks to strengthen the team and make them more effective in the digital space, namely Twitter, Facebok and Whatsapp.

The digital space is one area where the BJP has gone miles ahead of the competition. It is to be seen how the BJP will counter the increasing competition on all fronts including the digital space.

Will Hardik’s unhindered support to the BJP work wonders for the Indian National Congress?

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