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Here’s why, the scion of Dadlani family needs to be eliminated from Bigg Boss 11

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • December 7, 2017
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While we were hunting over Akshara’s aka Hina Khan’s tricks, we have been missing out on inscribing a lot of vulgar incidents that have been happening inside Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss  11 house. Akash Dadlani, who claims himself to be linked to profound singer Vishal Dadlani, has been grasping headlines for his disruptable acts. From constantly forcing Lucinda Nicholas (now eliminated) to kiss him, provoking Arshi Khan to walk around the Bigg Boss house in a towel and kissing Shilpa Shinde on her lips, this man has just crossed his limits.

We were assuming that eliminated contestant Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma were an extra in the house, looks Akash is a ridiculous person in the house. While Nicholas was unable to express her views on how disgusted she was with Akash and Arshi who easily gets provoked by the latter, we wonder how Shilpa who is till know a strong headed woman in the house is not able to teach the scion of Dadlani (if he is). This man certainly needs to warn about his ridiculous behaviour.

In a series of incidents, we saw that how Akash has managed to creep out his fans (if they really exist now after such incidents). Earlier, he asked Shilpa to some lotion on his butt. He told Shilpa that he has developed few boils which is why he wants Shilpa to apply lotion on his butt. Disgusting, isn’t it? In an all-new series, Akash kissed Shilpa on her lips, while she tried to move him away. Also, after this shameful act, he has the audacity to ask Shilpa, “Kya Kar Legi”. While twisting her hand. It’s a huge wonder that in spite of the nuisances that is going in the house, how this show hasn’t yet come under the scanner of the Information and Broadcasting Ministry with obscenity, vulgarity and abusive languages being shown in the name of content.

Till now, every one of us has been just avoiding Akash’s behaviour assuming that it is just a part of the humour, but now seems that he is not as dumb as we had assumed earlier. But, he is a smart player who just portrays himself as a dumb. Don’t agree with the same?

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