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Heroes with a green cape!

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  • April 22, 2021
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The idea behind celebrating Earth Day was to demonstrate our support for environmental protection. This day inspires me to act towards the protection of the environment and focus on the need for conservation.
This Earth Day, we decided to thank the heroes among us, who are contributing their bit to make this earth a better place to live.

The couple that spent 26 years replanting a forest:

Anil Malhotra and his wife Pamela Gale Malhotra own India’s only private wildlife sanctuary. A few decades back the forest wasn’t the same as it is today. It has taken them decades of replanting and protecting forests and wildlife. Pamela mentions, when they first arrived at the place, most of the lands that were sold to them, were abandoned lands. Abandoned rice fields, coffee, and cardamom fields as well. The land was almost destroyed with deforestation. And it took a lot of dedication, care and time to get it back.
From the time they bought it in 1991, the place looks completely altered now, in the best way possible. It is located in the Kodagu district and covers about 300 acres and is home to more than 200 globally endangered species of plants and animals, including Asian elephants and Bengal tigers.

Afroz Shah, a lawyer who cleaned 5 million kgs of trash from Versova beach:

Afroz Shah, a lawyer from Mumbai and ocean lover, took it upon himself to do something about the disgusting filth that covered the beloved beach of Versova for so long. Afroz started this cleanliness drive in 2015, which soon snowballed into the biggest beach cleanup in the world. The residents started chipping in, and the UN also sent in volunteers to help. They managed to clean 5 million kgs of garbage and plastic in over 85 weeks changing the face of the beach in the process.

Kollakkayil Devaki Amma:

86-year-old Devaki Amma, this path to conservation began with an accident in 1980, which severely damaged her leg.
Up until the accident, she had been actively engaged in their family occupation of paddy cultivation. But, the doctor’s advice to keep walking to the minimum, forced her to give up her passion for farming.
3 years post the tragic accident, Devaki Amma planted a sapling in her backyard. She then planted another, and soon it grew into a family affair. While her husband who was a retired school teacher, brought her a different variety of seeds, her children and grandchildren planted them. Before anyone knew, she has spearheaded the creation of a lush green forest spread over five acres of land on her family property in the Onattukara region of Alappuzha district, Kerala. With a couple of private ponds, a wetland and animals like cows, buffalos and oxen, Devaki Amma has been single-handedly nurturing her forest using natural methods for years. These trees now offer a variety of fruits, flowers and vegetables, resulting in the arrival of exotic migratory birds. Her efforts have spawned a breath-taking variety of biodiversity “Even though she is 86 years old, she dutifully continues to supervise the maintenance of her forest. Interestingly, environmental protection wasn’t on her mind when she first began this endeavour,” says Prof D Thankamani, Devaki Amma’s daughter, who is also an environmental engineer.
“We breathe oxygen. Plants supply us with oxygen. This forest gives me all the energy I need. I have knowingly or unknowingly served Mother Earth and Mother Earth has given me everything,” says Devaki Amma.
Her service was recognised earlier this year with the President of India awarding her the Nari Shakti Puruskar.
Mother Earth is urging a call to action. Nature is suffering. Other than these 3 people, there are a lot many people who’ve realized the need of the hour. But it won’t be enough until each of us contributes with our bit before it’s too late.

Let us all contribute something towards the environment this Earth day and be a part of the change and do something good, be it the smallest of contribution but the one which motivates people to do the same and help make Earth a better and cleaner planet.
So, this Earth Day, let’s pledge to take our responsibility for a better tomorrow.
It is our responsibility to hand over Earth in a healthier form to our coming generation. Let us work together to make it a better place. Happy Earth Day!

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