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How AAP misguides people by putting up bogus news

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • March 14, 2017
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Arvind Kejriwal has a very strong social media team. The only work of these social media campaigners is to find out any news by which AAP can bash BJP and Modi. So, the task is handy and in order to fetch all the benefits these people make fake news.

The fun fact here is ‘Kejriwal gets fooled and fall for such fake news and get trapped pretty easily. The people are smarter than the CM and don’t get fooled by such fake news. The amazing part is they can even create such kind of fake news if they are not getting any to be in the limelight of media. This is not the first time that AAP and Kejriwal spread any fake news. Earlier one of the member of AAP reported a news that a man committed suicide after demonetization but the man who committed suicide was a robber and he died because he was almost caught by police.

People assumed him of a fresh breath of educated minds entering politics could infuse new energy into the rotten system. But, soon he showed his true colours. He won the elections on the basis of Anti-incumbency against Congress. Then entered into an alliance with them. Then began the stupidity of Lok Pal and threw away the seat. As a CM he had a lot areas to improve. He could have shown his mettle in many areas and could have set an example as to what an educated team of Indians could do in politics. But instead of behaving maturely he complained like a toddler throwing tantrums.

Then he went down the old rotten path of appeasement of minorities. This was totally unacceptable of him. He was following into the footsteps of his predecessors. We all know what happened before the LS elections. He joined the mudslinging fest of other parties. He became all that he tried to show he was against. Distributing freebies is your answer for development? How is different from Akhilesh Yadav distributing laptops?

The Fearless Indian

After all the fiasco, he has returned to Delhi with a historic majority. But he chooses to create chaos yet again. Take the recent spat with the LG for an example. He portrays a CM to be a weakling. The various leaks about his campaigns and the way he ousted his colleagues say a lot about him. Everyone knows that AAP is not what it seems or says. All the genuine and smart AAP supporters are shamed by the acts of their leader and have left the boat since they were sensible and had their hearts in the right place to support Kejriwal.

But those who just followed in the steps of the masses without thinking with their own brains are still there. People thought the nation is going in the right direction after voting Arvind Kejriwal. He led the Dharnas in the most important and secure roads of Delhi. He demands public trials for the accused people of their parties, and when a minister of his party has been arrested in case of a fake degree, you can see the chaos AAP is creating.

AAP always blames some other party or official in case they aren’t able to fulfil all the fake promises the made to the DELHI jantaa before the elections. This concludes that Delhi is even in worse hands than Congress. Kejriwal and his party cannot be trusted. Anyone can become his political bedfellows and anything which can fetch him votes can become his principles. He has become totally a fake.


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