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I Am Also Patel and I Don’t Support Hardik Patel – An Open Letter

  • Fearless Indian
  • August 25, 2015
  • India

In last few weeks Gujarat is again back in media business. Since Modi left Gujarat in May 2014, there was hardly any news from our state which caught media attention. Once Again, Media has some stories however like in the past, it is not about positives but a demand of reservation on the basis of caste by Patel/Patidar community.

It is interesting to note that the demand is coming for a community which lived like a very strong cohesive mature group with a lot of pride in whatever work they do. Not to forget that Sardar Vallabbhai patel also came from the community of whom entire nation feels proud about.

Sardar Patel, A person who gave us “Bharat”; the nation we know. He is known as Iron Man of India. Our Sardar Patel is being used for a demand of reservation. Its a sad for me and many others in patel community, who dont want to be associated with this movement.

I have been a firm believer that reservation should only be given to people with economically weak background. However over the last 60 years it was used as a political tool. Infact the mandal commission, gave birth to bunch of parties which have only “Caste” in mind and eventually they end being on sides of corrupts for political gains. Someone who has seen the history of such movement can never support another demand for reservation.

Now, coming to the current agitation led by a person called Hardik Patel. He claims to be fighting for youth but how, by demanding reservation? What a joke. You should help patel youth in finding more opportunities instead of spreading such a disease further in the society.

In a speech made by Hardik Patel, he spoke like a warrior. Yes a warrior who has been forced to enter in the battlefield to kill its own men and to divide Indians one more time. Do we, the patel community really need reservation to fulfill our dreams?

Think Again!

His speech had reference about naxalism, terrorism, farmer suicide, development etc, now do you really thinking he is here for our communities benefit? Open your eyes else after 2-3 years you will regret your decision. Gujarat has more than 40 MLA from patel community, did they fight election from caste based reserved seat? No people made them MLAs based on their work and Hardik patel wants me to believe that Patel youth is backward and needs reservation to uplift its soci economic status.

He also spoke about Bhagat Singh? Yes Bhagat Singh who fought for national freedom and not community reservation or self promotion. This is highly objectionable inference.

The person Hardik Patel’s association with Arvind Kejriwal is well known by now. Infact on 24th and 25th august i saw a lot of AAP workers (with AAP caps) instigating people aggresievly. His today’s speech where he was showing disrespect to Guj CM Anandiben, our PM Narendra Modi but was showing immense support for Arvind Kejriwal & Nitish kumar is enough reason for me to stay away from any such movement. Because its not a movement, but a political propaganda for self promotion. Tell me, how is Nitish Kumar related to Patel community reservation demand? By the way Nitish Kumar has declared Hardik “Leader of youth”.

“Supporter of opportunist leaders can never be trusted”.

We have seen how in the past Kejriwal used youth of entire nation and fooled them. How he killed a sacred anti-corruption movement for his political gains. Media is interested in this story because they like such type of negativity and it helps in gaining TRP. This movement is nothing but an attempt to create unrest in the nation on the name of youth.




Important Note : Before asking a politician to remove reservation, I request you to get 10 people who can sign and declare that “I don’t want reservation”, i think only then politicians can gather courage to remove caste based reservation. Fact is, we ourselves reservation so lets not blame the political parties entirely.

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  • Madhav

    Make India Reservation Free
    We can uplift the down trodden by providing free education to them up to high school but then after they should compete on an open platform

    • anil

      agree with Madhav

  • prashanth

    Now again we have a new cartoon who wants to make his f****** political career in the name of another reseravation to ruin to nation.
    Where we have majority of young blood want to abolish reaervation n develop the nation on merrits than fu****** reservation bases on community or religion.
    Its the people who have to understand these bas***** want to take advantage of our sentiments n emotions for their personal benifit.
    Please dont support such fools …. understand that we prosper when the whole nation prospers .. the whole society prospers and not by set of community or religion prospers.


    • ashok

      You expect us to believe that a 22 yrs is writing to Hardit Patel.Perfect language,correct grammer.We are fools to think that all are fools.You think Modi is not corrupt.All the scams,please check BJP-ruled states.Now check Gujarat,We are still fool not to understand these politicians.The nation is not shocked,BJP is shocked that a young boy could shake Gujarat up.This is the result of so called Model State.People are not paid for work only half in govt offices,teachers get 50% paid.They have to wait for 7 years to get a permanent and get their salary properly.Toilets have no pits in harijan colony in Ahmedabad.Giving loans to Bangladesh and Mongolia and Reliance and Adanis getting contracts for power and telecom lines.We have 55 lakhs villages and 80 lakhs already built as per govt.data.I did not see any such toilets anywhere in india.opening account brought in 22000 crores into banks,interest at 5 % will be 1100 crores.,will go into whose pockets.Mann ki baat or Daan ki Baat.Reddy brothers and Yeddy in karnataka,check Goa mining,MP or Rajasthan etc……..Airports in Gujarat and Rajasthan are with no users.BJP is making noise in Karnataka about corrupt.Aache Din ,no bachhe din ,we have to count and pay the price.Raje and son and Sushma Swaraj has human feelings for Lalit Modi,15 lakhs for every citizen,FDI,UDI,OROP,Netaji files,Article 370,etc,bring Black money.Weak dollar ,strong rupee,are all topi promises by BJP.Scams will be seen soon.Cant disclose name or pay fine and get away,for people with black money.Dont worry be happy.There is a price you pay for every foolish deed one does.Hardit Patel fights for right like any other politicians in other states.If Politicians fool us it is ok.Be it congress or BJP or other parties.

  • Patidar

    Don’t do this. Don’t spread hate speech or spread lies. Do you even have an idea? How 23 years of age boy can pull such a big crowd of 18 lacks patels ( a big group of people supported modi Ji and current government). I know Hardik may be wrong but the demand is right. They are asking either put us in OBC reservation or remove it. If you don’t know then let me tell you. Hardik did a mistake by not handling a movement in right way. It was in favour of government and stupid government order Latincharge on GMDC ground in same way the congress government did in Baba ram dev rally. If government knew there was gathering of 18 lacks people means it’s too sensitive. They should have taken care of this thing in first place. After that I knew what gonna to happen. All police station and government property started to be damaged. You will be surprise though this was happening private vehicle was allowed to manage their ways and there was no violence against general public. I thought modiji will come in picture though there was no sign like he never got any news that his own Gujarat is burning ( I still respect him but you know what doesn’t matter how big I will be I won’t forget my mother and home). No one from government was ready to take responsibility of lathicharge. They said there was something happen. How is it justified? If you know there was more than 18 lacks people in ground in afternoon, everyone is aggressive and they yet not reached at home. You should have sensible cops to manage situation of hardly 1500 people left on ground. No one could stops it once it started, not Hardik not government or so called anandiben patel. I will tell you I hate AAP more than anything. But this country is divided in cast base politics. BJP in Gujarat was only survived due to Patidar. But now this action of government will loose themselves. No matter which AAP will form but unfortunately there will be one more regional party will borne. And this is because anandiben became Shila dixit. It’s sad that Patidar will go away from BJP and modiji. Still there is way to manage this. Don’t hate and be against Of Hardik. Just take Patidar demand as serious and show support and co-operate. If they won’t be in OBC it will only happen from court order. If government can remove reservation it will be big hit for India to grow. Patidar is very loyal. at this stage they are wounded, if modiji will help them will show support then they will be with modiji always.

    • one patel

      Dear Patidar,

      You are defending the moment nicely, but let me ask you you said 18 lakhs gathered over there, there should be normalized moment and if it is not then police just perform their duty. anyone do not have rights to burn crores of government properties, ultimately those are from our own tax paid.

      Think twice before write anything or perform anything or follow anything.

      And never the less ask you H. Patel what he was doing with AK??

      Think think

      • Manish

        You are said that police doing their duty but please tell me about who has rights to beat citizens which are not involved into this,and broken their bike property ,car.

        • VIJI

          Pls let us know what respect should one have for the post of CM? Gentlemen you mean to say that by showing strength, CM has to appear before you. Mr. 22 year gentleman so called hardik patel. Oh come on pls rethink brother. Is it a joke or what. And if u r asking for citizens and property then why did the rally stayed even when the time was over? Why was anshan declared? Why such threatening speech? Who gave the right to destroy peoples property after a day ? Who gave the right to declare bandh ? Just few questions have more but i think this are enough for a smart guys to understand.
          And for ur kind info. it was the CM and govt. who allowed such a big gathering at GMDC ground. I will never backtab one who helps me.

    • kooool

      Hey bro…bs kuch bhi bol diya karoge aap?? Crowd was not more thn 8L.

    • Chandrakant Shetty

      Patel’s asking for reservation its a joke, the country is already reeling from the menace of reservation and if Patels r to be considered then it is high time for the nation to declare the entire population as reserved and all will be in reserved category therefore only merit will be considered……..

    • Balwan Bajarangi


      I don’t support Hardik Patel in any terms!

      I have no hard feelings about any community. I am proud to say I am Gujarati because if you have courage to do something, this land gives you all opportunities freely.

      I have seen everything with my eyes. Why people follow someone such blindly. Those who protests do they ever think about the impacts of these activities?
      let me summarize things here:

      1. People gathers for reservation (ok you may demand if you really need it)
      2. People like Hardik Patel feels the opportunity (seems like want to jump to in politics)
      3. Leader threatens valuable, well wishers, government officials like PM, CM and many.
      4. Police tries to handle the wound as it can be turned into some critical situation for common people(fair decision of police for common people)
      5. Media jumps in for TRP.
      6. Police try to keep them away as they can make it more critical (media is now TRP seeker)
      7. Some unmature people tries to prove something (as they can only destroy something and they are fail in constructing their own life even)
      8. Media gives fire burn and more unmature people joins the gang
      9. People try to destroy government properties (we are lucky that in such corrupt and selfish world government of Gujarat has tried to facilitate us so many valuable things like better roads, better transportation, good culture)
      10. These unmature creatures try to destroy it. (they don’t know how these things are build and they are build from our paid tax only. if you destroy or burn it your kid will not be able to use it, your family will not be able reach home safely, your friends will not reach to their school/college/job)
      11. To overcome these conditions we really have brave people who have their families, they are not protesters but still they are on duties since a week without complete sleep. think about their families.
      12. Media shows only one screen people beaten by police. Can you please be fair to your nation and show truth how people take things in their hand. how police are being attacked with stones, how government properties are burnt. If police would not be doing their duties neither you or your family will be safe.
      13. People run into their house when police appear and again come out of their house when they leave. Do you call this bravery? No. It is just your poor mind that inspire you to do this. Societies where police raided it was part to overcome critical situation.
      14. Even media shows only people beaten by police. these people make statement that they were victim without any reason. Ask your self!!! I saw everything by my eyes.
      15. If your property is burnt, if your house is attack then only you will realize.
      Please stop all these. We also know destroying better than you. But we never do it because we know how hard its something to build.

      I love leaders who have courage to do something respecting common man, respecting constitution.

      Hardik Patel I am not impressed with any of your movement.

      Castism is cancer of a healthy society, open your eyes if you care to future of your child, family, friends. This time its you. You can see worst of this by someone else.
      – Aazad Nagrik
      Jai Hind! Jai Bharat! Jai Bajarangi!

    • Satish


      You can go and screw yourself, because i dont think any other girl will be willing to be screwed by you. You dont seem to understand that our country is facing because of all this stupid shit, do you? Unless brainless people like you disappear from this earth, we will be the same as we are now.

      • VIJI

        Brother girls hardly would wont to be with reserved ones. They are equally capable now a days. If u r looking for smart ones stay out of reservations. With all respect to every female on earth the earth i dont think anyone would like to be screwed up atleast with a person who think like you for sure.

    • Jagabandhu Jena

      Dear patidar,

      It seems like Hardik wants to create some disturbances in Gujrat with backend support from currupted and idiot people from some politicall party. Do you think that really patil community needs reservation for jobs ….?are you not folllll?think little deeply before answer. Those who are supporting to perticular community, they are not made,they think them self only. Do u think that Hardik deserve for a leader who wants reservation for his own community? i think he is just a devider for Gujrat

      • sarang

        It’s not necessary that all the patidara are rich……all the castes have some poor people…….bro…

  • Alok dixit

    Nice brother

  • neeraj patel

    I also do not support Hardik patel about this

    • charotar patidar

      All they who dont support hardik patel are cross breed of obc. They are not patidar. If they think they r still patidar then come in public and give the same statement then u will see patidar power

      • Satish

        Hello, i wish you were smart. Even if four dogs get together, they will be able to take down a human. But that doesnt mean in any which way that the dogs are smarter than humans. So i guess you have got your answer.

      • VIJI

        70% of gujarat population is from sc st and obc. Boss if they come out against patidar your power would be hardly 1% or 2%.
        And for god sake pls dont speak like a terrorist or else entire india shall be against patidar brother.

        There is way of asking for something. Do u threaten your family to fulfil your demands. We are family so pls dont be so aggressive to get your demands fulfilled

      • sidhanta

        if you have such a powerful community,why do you need reservation.

      • vivek

        bro.. i think it is advicible .. not to comments over terrorist and naxalist… as we all know the POWER OF TERRORIST,

    • hareesh

      They asking their rights not asking your father property

      • Jagabandhu Jena

        Heloo Mr. Hareesh,

        Obviously they are asking for your father’s property, why they need the reservation, today they are asking for this tomorrow they will ask some other ……if government will support them then ultimately it will affect to others……..’
        r u made?

    • Barkha

      Doesn’t matter

  • Girish Godhaniya

    I am under OBC but I firmly believe that the reservation must go and let our people advance on merit and get meritorious governance.

    • Govind Bhat

      I fully endorse the view expressed by Girish. Even though he is under OBC, he supports merit in government. Happy to note that such saner element, in the public.

  • sandeep

    To Mr Patel. I am from Gujarat and unless the policy of caste based reservation is scrapped or cancelled this will go on weather you like it or no patel’s can influence 70 out of 182 seat in Gujarat assembly which no party can afford to lose

    If the Brahman community can influence such a no of seat i plan to become their leader and ask for reservation. Even bada modi cannot ignore this fact. be real.

    I have seen people with 40% get into IIM A as he was from reserved community. Be real sir Do not live a fools world The policy of Reservation has been misused to such a extent that India is the only country after some time you can call it a Reserved Country.

    • Parth

      I was interested to read the comments, but you said that you saw a person getting into IIM-A with 40%! Can you please enlighten us with the name and information about the student? Because what I know is that there is no quota seats in IIM-A, on that I have seen students getting into IIM-A with 90 percentile which is quite low but they had a work experience rich enough to get the admission but even that was for executive MBA not the general one.. So for a reminder, we would like to know the name of the person who got into IIM-A with 40%! thank you

      • VIJI

        Well said Parth.

        Chaddi utar di tune to.

        Now i understand who are supporting this and who realy wants to be in quota.

    • Satish

      I would have been in complete agreement with you if and only if you proud patidars were fighting for just removal of caste system and not to add you into OBC as well? Go and lie to your mother and she wont even believe you.

  • Atul Trivedi

    I also do not support nation breakin and politically motivated reservation system. I 100 % support mehul patel.

  • Shirish Patwa

    And once again the media,both print and electronic,behaved not in national interest,as if they are interested in anarchy.They are interested inputting hurdles in the road of development .During past one decade ,Gujarat has witnessed peace conducive to prosperity. Then who is interested in breaching the peace process? AAP ,a party wedded to anarchy and confrontation,and our media who would not hesitate to lick butter on dead body!By burning public property they have increased the inconvenience of the general public.Already the public utility services are huffing on ever increasing demand from growing population all over India.To exacerbate the situation these agitations! Do they serve any purpose?The hollowness of the demands of Hardik Patel need not be dealt upon ! It hardly requires extraordinary intelligence to swiftly set aside his demands.Be aware, we are facing risk,not only from external sources,but internal sources and Kejriwal is our top enemy,not Pakistan.Because Pakistan overtly opposes us. But Kejriwal destroys us from within.

    • ashok

      Kejriwal is a real threat as he is a back stabbed of persons and issues. Hardik and his few hundred supporters should be aware of it. Hardik praised Nitish, he is the man who refused a humanitarian grant of 5 crore during koshi floods given by people of gujrat . Hardik should introspect what he has done to gujrat in just two days.you have a p.m from gujrat, a Patel as chief minister,what do you expect Mr Hardik now. Know these persons whom you have praised!


    everybody knows the benefits given to sc-st-obc can not be withdrawn the problem is misuse of reservation the sc/st/obc parents who are doctors, engineers, govt officers and other well settled still want benefit of reservation is this justified ? abt creamy layer , that is sc-st-obc whose income is above 6 lacs per annum, are not eligible for reservation . tell me how many will file it return above 6 lacs ? only thos ein the job and not others

  • Tejas Mistry

    I am Mistry belongs from OBC community but I strongly oppose all kind of Reservation. Whoever needs anything should to provide support & money by according to finicial status.

    So stop demanding reservation.

    We all support for remove Reservation which process should be legally & done in court or Parliamentary .

  • Barkha

    Dear, if you and your family is living good life then that’s good. Do you know actual position of Patel farmer living in saurashtra? You may not because if you knew about that then you wouldn’t have wrote this. These farmers have very small piece of land about 5-10 Bighas and most of their farming depends on monsoon rains. Now as you know if you are well aware then from last so many years it’s very irregular that farmers sometimes lose money than gaining from that farming land. Just little advice go to those remote village people and you will realize. Hardik Patel knows actual condition of these people that’s why he’s agitated. How a farmer of this condition going to send his kids for good education?
    Rethink and be actual aware citizen.

    • Vikram

      Appreciate your comment. But what Hardik Patel is doing is wrong. Had he fought for reservation for poor rather than for a community, then may be the entire nation would have supported him. Plus he challenging the government of losing next elections just adds to the political motive behind all this.

      I am from Delhi and I have witnessed a similar so called “hero” (i am sure you know what i mean). The person is now ruling (and not governing) Delhi.

      I am sure you do not want similar thing happening in Gujrat

      • Barkha

        Thanks and I am pretty sure this is not the same case

    • Praveen

      Dear… Please visit Poor Brahmin families as well. Then talk the same about the Brahmin community. Just because you have seen a bit of the world, you shouldn’t go on shouting what you feel is right. The caste shouldn’t be the only criteria for any kind of reservations. You first think about it.

      • Barkha

        You can also do it if you know the facts and have guts to do right for the people

  • Inder

    No reservation

  • Barkha

    Dear, if you and your family is living good life then that’s good. Do you know actual position of Patel farmer living in saurashtra? You may not because if you knew about that then you wouldn’t have wrote this. These farmers have very small piece of land about 5-10 Bighas and most of their farming depends on monsoon rains. Now as you know if you are well aware then from last so many years it’s very irregular that farmers sometimes lose money than gaining from that farming land. Just little advice go to those remote village people and you will realize. Hardik Patel knows actual condition of these people that’s why he’s agitated. How a farmer of this condition going to send his kids for good education?
    Rethink and be actual aware citizen.

    • Amit

      In that case why not fight for reservation based on Financial status rather than caste. He is just getting his stage ready for next election.

      • Barkha

        Are you ready for that because once patidar asked for removal of reservation based on cast but failed so this time they are doing other way. Whatever he’s doing seems good for my country because everyone in this country gets reservation then it is as equal as no reservation.

  • Raju

    Shame you mother fucker …. when you child was getting problem and you have to pay for admmision that time you realized ..my bigesst mistik is that i don’t support him .


    Hardik patel is right, this political parties have overdone reservation system in india due to vote bank politics, what he is saying is either give us obc reservation or remove all reservations and give it to only economicly backword without any caste based or tribe based……….as in all communites there are poor people who do not get seat in merit and also they have to cough up 5 times fees.

    • hardam Singh Singh

      Govind ji I am agree with you not give reservation to duffer brains ,give reservation to economy weak people in the financial form like free education or fre food etc.

  • Gopal

    You shut up i also not need reservation .. i want to remove reservation – and media is stopping and breaking patel communityvia this post – i report this post to cyber crime india

  • Gopaljee

    Its a shame. Due to political ambition of few people, the aam log of our country get harassed.

    • Milan Tarkas

      It is a dirty game of opposition party to smear the image of ruling party,who spread mal-air. I wish cong. (I) should totally wiped out.

  • Rajinder Sharma

    Thank you Mr. Mehul Patel, I appreciate your sentiments. And I am in total agreement with what you have said. I have had a few Patel friends when I was working in Gujarat. I have known Patels to be a community with indomitable entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen. The contribution of Patels in resurgence of Gujarat is exemplary. But, today, the very same creators of a vibrant Gujarat are destroying it.
    During my stay in Gujarat I found Patels to be an honest people enthused with ambition and committed to make their mark on the society through sheer hard work and vision, that is why Patels are honored and respected the world over. It is stunning that a society so highly motivated could ever stoop to begging for Governmental favors instead of working its way to the highest of social echelons. Mr. Hardik Patel has disgraced this fine community and brought disrespect to their illustrious progenitors like Sardar Patel, who was the symbol of unifying forces, where as Hardik Patel has started the process of alienating a lively people from the national mainstream. Apparently the entire movement is guided by petty political considerations and not actuated by a serious desire for social upliftment. Unfortunate to note that a section of Gujaratis have been swayed and influenced by nefarious designs of political adversaries of the PM, and these people without taking into account the immense honor and respect Gujarat has been bestowed upon due to ascent of Namo to the Prime Ministership of India, are orchestrating a planned movement to discredit the PM and the BJP. But, I am confident that nationalist Patels shall see through the canard of these minions and their handlers and show these people their actual place. I would also like to ask the Patel community, in which group of people you would want yourselves to be placed, a section which is evolved, progressive, liberal and hardworking, or a section which is dependent upon government doles and favors and is downtrodden, backward and regressive. Patels should introspect and set their course themselves and not let be swayed by a section of politicians who want to discredit Gujarat and along with it the PM.

  • Dhaval Vithani

    If kejriwal n nitish kumar were involved in the movement there will be a problem happened.
    But you seems against reservation.
    It is not possible to remove the the HOLY reservation system so we have only one choice that have to be added in the reservation system.

    But now a days Hardik Patel is only hope for that.

    If you have any other idea than tell me but please think once about them who are doing hard work but can’t get admission in the good college because of this reservation system

    I have no money problem dude but I do think of those who are economically lower.
    See, I am in Delhi now.i don’t know much about it but violation is not good for ourselves but

    We need reservation is the final and only choice

    Any other thing is seems bull ****.

    • Rajinder Sharma

      I hope you will go through this. Sorry for responding rather late. On the subject of reservations I am of the opinion that weakness or rather backwardness has to be judged on three different parameters. Economic, Social and Political. Not going into political or other reasons that forced the government of the past into bringing about this legislation, the fact remains that a certain section of society faced perpetual, abject persecution and atrocities at the hands of the higher strata and was forced to live in a state of perpetual fear, ignominy and disgrace. This section at that time was economically weak, not able to make its ends meet and was definitely in need of economic support so that they could assimilate into the national mainstream. Apart from economic backwardness, this section was also subjected to abject societal apathy and not allowed to mingle with the society at large, not even allowed to walk alongside the others, and innumerable other acts of social disrespect and injustice they were forced to bear. So, to bring about a transformation into their lives, some special provisions were definitely required. Similarly, politically also these people were always consigned to the periphery of the national discourse. And thus, reservations were rightfully granted for this section of society for them to come up the economic and social ladder.
      Yes, gradually there has been an upliftment of this section also and yes today a large section of these hitherto weaker and poorer people have been able to come up the socio economic ladder, yet reservation continues, though time is ripe for making suitable alterations by discarding the concept of reservation based on caste, and allowing for reservation based on economic condition of the people. Today, reservation has more or less become an instrument of political doctrine and aspirations, and serious thought is required in persisting with this tool of social transformation. Under these circumstances when a national debate is raging on the issue of continuation of this policy, a call by a section of society which is economically prosperous, socially respected and politically evolved and advanced and finds a pride of place in political echelons, the demand of reservation is not simply outrageous but also shameful and disrespectful to the entire community. A society known for its indomitable entrepreneurial spirit and skill and innate business acumen stooping to beg for governmental doles and favors seems not simply unnatural but also ill conceived. The apparent reasons for the so called Patel movement are not social concern, but political aspirations. And, it is in the best interest of all concerned to discard such factions that intend to bring about disruptions and mistrust in the social fabric.
      As far as your comment regarding poorer or rather weaker sections is concerned, I wish to know whether the demand is for the entire weaker sections of society or only for Patel community. If the demand was for poor people, then the movement should not have been branded as reservation for Patels, and you would also agree that there are poor people in other so called higher communities also, like brahmins, kshatriyas etc. So, the very demand of reservation for an entire community based on caste considerations cannot be justified being a valid demand for the poor people. The need of the hour is to rise above caste and creed considerations and evolve a national policy whereby the destitute, the ignored, the people on periphery of the society are helped to improve their lot, thereby ensuring development of the entire nation in unison.

  • vinay thaker

    Yes i agree with Mr mehul patel and i strongly belive we should not promote or support any kind of reservation for any cast its just making our country week and dependent. its like we dont want to work hard we just want to enjoy all rights with the help of such reservation. look at other countries do they have any such reservation quota. no they dont have there all are open and free and all need to work hard for there survival as well as betterment of life. look at our country people like Satya Narayana Nadella is an Indian-American business executive and many others who are on the top in may indian as well as globle company, they never asked for reservation quota. I strongly believe that this reservation system should be completely removed from the system only then people (Youth) of our country will come out bright and have there own identity in the world market or else they will be only knows as week dependent indian who come to this level only because of aarakshan (reservation) and i think its a shame of our company.

  • Krupa

    Agree with you completely.

  • Prachi Patel

    I am also a Patel, a proud one like Mehul here and I agree with his view. Patel is the second most common surname in USA and this guy here called Hardik Patel calls himself the ‘minorities’. I never knew that minorties meant the ones who are well off ( very well off for that matter) in other countries leaving behind a smaller population in India! His “revolution” is the saddest, baseless call that I have heard in the past 25 years. It beats the Jat movement hands down! Mr. Hardik Patel, please wake up, look around and tell me if Patels do not have opportunities because they do not want one or are not capable of having one or because someone whom you called the ‘reserved class’ is taking it away. Please speak only fofr yourself and do not become the mouthpiece of the Patel youths like us who know how to make a decent life without getting into your dirty politics.

  • vinit

    Brother, you are not in favour of him because u have very well settled life. You have ur business. I am myself patel, and the situation here is, if u although achieved about 90% or so, most of the times ur not eligible to get an admission in the field which u deserve it. In addition, if we as a majority in Gujarat not demand for “reservation” than no other community have guts to go in oppose to the old law and system which is not beneficial for the whole general cast people. So if we oppose them than there are chances that the government will not group in reserved quota but there are plenty of chances that government of Gujarat change the law of reservation and the actual benefit will be given to the needy one. Because now a days those people who are rich and able to not to use the reserved quota they using it. So there might be the situation in Gujarat as u liked as well , reservation according to the economic conditions.

  • Shailja

    They say its for “US” , for our betterment.
    I say its for “YOU” , for your OWN GOOD.

    They say its for “EQUALITY” , for to be balanced.
    I say this is “BRUTALITY” , for you are creating IMBALANCE.

    They say its about ” EDUCATION” , for a person’s future.
    I say this is about “HIGHER POLITICS” , for you are just destroying our city’s future.

    For all those empty hot-headed people who claim to be some kind of community, its just SAD.

    Because all this DISRUPTION, only cause more and more disbelief that people (involved into violence across city) who are apparently EDUCATED are SO WEAK MINDED to be blown away by the wind.

    Because, BURNING BUSES, THROWING STONES is NOT the ANSWER to something like EDUCATION, which is believed to kill all these notions and make us CIVILIZED and CIVILIANS.

    Because, bringing in 5LAKH people, is not the answer to get your “ANAAMAT”, for it STOPPED STUDENTS to get their “EDUCATION” for day and now coming days together.



  • Sachin Ruparel

    Agony of Gujarat
    Sardar Patel United India and another Patel is all set to reverse it …
    and he proudly shouts the slogans of
    #SardarPatel has always been a bold leader, who never tolerated the division of India on the basis of region , religion , caste or any sect and so does his statue at Gujarat is being rightly titled as ‘STATUE OF UNITY’ but look at the irony of the situtaton created by a moron.
    Let’s be Indians first then Gujarati and then of any caste….
    MODI always mentioned publicly when he was CM of Gujarat , that I represent 6 crore Gujarati people not any caste or group.
    It is high time that we as a country come out of this reservation and quota system and completely abolish the same, let everyone have a fair chance in every section of the society based on merits.
    Be it education , jobs or any other sector.
    Let’s put our efforts on discontinuing quota system then begging or demanding as a right.

    #narendramodi #anandibenpatel #pmo #Gujarat #reservation #Patel #india

  • bhargav khunt

    mehul jene admission nathi malyla tene puchu jo , I experienced 85 percent bhi nirma college ma admission nathi malu jayre 55 percent valo tya study. kare 6e.
    business badha pase nathi.rahi vat andolan ni to reservations joitu nathi , but remove this system atlist education level.

  • Karan

    well said.. Mehul. I belong to OBC categoriy, and I am ready to sign for removing the reservation. Whether it is going to remove in future or not I am not going to use it. I work in private sectors now and I feel pride to compete the people at same level.

  • I am neither from Gujarat nor I am a Patel. But I am an Indian, happy with the fact we have the right government at the centre with a strong leader in Shri Narendra Modi. Factors such as reservation should have been thrown out of this country many years ago, but unfortunately these are being used by anti-national elements and negative political groups to ruin our growth. I agree that reservation should be abolished, and maybe done in gradual steps to make it palatable for all citizens. The World’s leading nations are progressing by meritorious work, not any cheap reservation.

  • gaurav

    i completely agree, reservation is just a ploy, kejriwal is trying to create anarchy wherever he goes

  • Kiran patel

    Hi I am patel and I strongly condemn any kind of reservation to any person on cast base only a deserving candidate should get reservation on merit base no matter he is from any cast any religion only criteria should b he is economically week that’s all .
    Plz don’t use SARDAR patels name in this agitation he never think of cast and religion his only aim was akhanda Bharat, what is hardik patel doing in his name is just a politics , have courage and support complete demolition of reservation on cast base,this will create gap in our society, v fill frustrated and angry when v didn’t get admission in CET OR ANY COMPETITIVE EXAM ( same for job) even after scoring 98persent and served category gets admission in 35 percent also just to fill seats, now think once v get reservation even some of us will get admission on lower score and someone deserving candidate will feel same as u fell. So v had to end it here , I strongly support removal of cast base reservation in all forms b it education or job or anything.

  • SuchindranathAiyerS

    The idea of reservations was brought in by the British in 1921 as part of a comprehensive “Divide to rule” Policy. Ambedkar enlarged it to loot the resources of the Nation and apply them to exclusive benefit of his own community. Nehru blessed it just as he did so many other divisive policies such as partition because it helped him to capture and retain power to abuse and misuse as per his perversions. No ideal state can be achieved when founded on trash. Rose trees do not bloom from Parthanium roots. Mysore is a classic example of what can happen when founded on ideals and what happens when those same ideals are destroyed. Mysore had universal primary and secondary education with health care and nutrition and NO reservations. Gandhi called it “Rama Rajya” though His Highness Krishna Raja Wadeyar preferred to call it “Camelot”. When the British pushed “reservations” as part o their divide and rule policy into Mysore through the Maharaja, the Diwan, Sir M. Vishweshwaraya who has done more for ALL the people of Mysore than any man save Sir Mark Cubbon, resigned. The words in his resignation letter were as prophetic in its way as Sir Winston’s prognosis for India. “Only the very best competence and integrity can help raise the wretched of the earth to the status of human beings. There is no short cut. You cannot elevate the wretched and expect them to do the work that the most talented and competent find arduous” Today Mysore has been more thoroughly trashed than any other state of the Indian Union because there was so much more to trash. The proof of what he said is simple. India fell to 135 out of 172 countries (and below Sub-Saharan Africa) in the Global Human and Social Development Index (UNDP) and 143 rd out of 172 countries in internal Peace and Stability over the last 67 years. This is an India where, in 1947, before the Kleptocracy entrenched itself, the Princely States of Mysore, Travancore and Baroda had universal primary education, health and nutrition and, in 1957, the Indian Army swaggered into Korea to enforce the truce between the US and China and, as a Great Power, was offered a permanent membership of the UN Security Council that Nehru declined in favour of China. I declined NDA (1970), IPS (1973) and IMA (Direct Entry 1975) because I refuse to take an oath on a piece of exerpted literature with no canonical significance to take an oath to uphold a grotesque iniquitous Constitution that persecutes merit, integrity, competence, loyalty, me and mine. My daughter was refused a medical seat with 96% marks when somebody with 47 % was admitted. My class mate retired as head of GE Aero Engines R&D from which India is trying to imprt combat jet engines that it has failed to create since 1954 (HF-24 Marut to Tejas)

  • Rakesh

    Hi really happy to see your note on this agitation. AK and other like minded peoples who does not deliver but still want to be in power and want to stop our PM’s bold steps towards India’s development by supporting these types of rallies and causes. We should not support blindly the cause just to someone’s political interest and motivation. Gujarat is number 1 state of India right now but some people does not want it to be like this and because of their political interest want to destroy the image and growth of Gujarat. If Gujarat is unrest which he is right now, then no new companies and new jobs will come to Gujarat and the companies which is operating right now will shift from Gujarat and settle down in another places, then no reservation will help youth of Gujarat to get job. I am also surprised they are driving this agitation on the name of the person who always want to unit the people rather then divide the people on the caste. Very unfortunate.


    Dear Citizens of Gujarat.If all community fight for reservation in this modern world than all those should be kept in category of 33% and open 67% to all the other citizens.If a Reserve category gets 100 still they should be kept in 33% category. Is it acceptable pl join.

  • Stephen Oliver

    What do you say when general category student didn’t get admission at 90% and reserved cast student got it easily at 50-60% percent? And if reserved student got good marks then he apply admission in general category to save a reserved seat for his cast.

    Will you go for your medical treatment from SC ST doctor who has passed his exam with competitively low score?

    Would you support entire reservation system?

    Why don’t to you write open letter against reservation?

    • bhavesh

      Why u not speak against the caste system ? due to that all this thing happening..I am from sc community…we want respect in society…i promise you consider sc st as equal as other caste..i support to remove reservation…

  • aadarsh sule patidar

    इस आंदोलन को आरक्षण हटवाने की दिशा में लेजाना चाहिये तभी सरदार पटेल के संस्कार इस आंदोलन में दिखेंगे।
    उनका नारा एक भारत था न की जातिवाद

    • Sandeep

      Lekin Unke hi logo ne yaha pe unka hi apman kiya he, kyo ki wohi log he aaj bhi achuto ke sath rehna pasand nai karte he, aru bate badi karte ,, jo sab sirf dikhava he,,

  • Well done friend i am with you and were to sign for petition

    • Kaushik Vaja

      There is nothing important for Hardik about patel samaj only he wants to become political symbol supported by Kejriwal & highly supported by congress. Once he become political leader of any party he will forget everything. e.g. Mr.kejirwal , how many declaration & promise he have done in past to the people & what he have done is the biggest example of politically motivated person.
      so request to all patel samaj do not do anything which is against the well interest of nation. Patel’s are rich & world famous like IN LONDON SOME PATEL ALSO CALLED LORD. don’t damage the image of patel in india & around the world.
      May be his andolan can be convert into revolution for cancelling all reservations & quota system from INDIA.

  • parth patel

    Sir, I also believe in the same thinking.I believe that I don’t belong to any religion,any caste, I am an Indian. The youth is going in the wrong direction.It’s such a filthy trick to get popularity.The politicians who support this shit only for their benefits, I urged them to stop this nonsense. This is a well scripted political plan by some of our fucki’n politicians. I wanted to say to my youth(the future of India) that you have the #right to speech not #right to violence.The politicians and the so-called leaders will not travel in the local transportation that the people are firing, it’s us who will use the government accomodations.
    #think before you act
    #think #again

  • Umesh

    well said mehul…this was movement for reservation and now its turning into political conspiracy. …
    feeling shame to say tht our brothers blindly following one man
    think for those who r working as a labour..who are not coming between your govt job…they are suffering from this heat….
    everywhere chaos is there…..nd you also well said….those martiars gave their life to make india free from britishers……
    they never supported reservation

  • Divya

    Wonderful message, Mr. Mehul Patel. Denouncing Hardik Patel this way is the right way to oppose their scheme. No right minded person or group of Patel community or any other community wants to be degraded by tag of reservation. We do not belive in caste reservations. Hooligans like Hardik Patel use it to wield power.

  • Tshar


    My elder brother was diploma automobile engineering gold medalist, in Diploma to degree he went for interview in L.D. Engineering College. They said that all the seat were given to OBC, ST, SC. Though he was gold medalist which means He has got highest CPI in whole Gujarat he could not get admission in Government college. Is this reasonable? We are in a middle class family, My father could not afford fees for both brother,
    If he could get admission in government He has to pay just Rs. 1500 per semester but due to reservation he has to pay Rs. 27,000 per semester.
    We managed for it, but Private colleges can not have that placements, which L.D.College have.
    Here we want to remove cast based reservation or to involve our cast in reservation, due to which people like my brother can get justice.

  • Vimal kamani

    Hey Mr. Mehul patel you and your family is happy with your little family business.
    But you are not understanding situations of some other patels.Farmers , They are totally dependent on the farming rain & on nature only. Sometimes it happens that they are working hard without seeing day or night in their farm for their children’s future . To get them admission in good government colleges .They have not that much earnings that they can get admission in self financed college.
    One of their neighbor have good business and they are from OBC . The son of the farmer is not getting admission with 85% and son from OBC gets admission with 75% .
    Farmer’s son deserves that admission and he really need it otherwise he would not fulfill the dreams of his father who is dreaming since years with working day and night (I have seen farmers who are continuously work for more than 48 hours to feed water in their farm .This is a fact and reality .I can see you.)
    And the son of OBC could do their businesses .

    These types of many cases are happening in education as well as in government job.

    You don’t support Hardik Patel because you can feed your family with your existing business. But what about them who really need it .
    Whatever he is for AAP or whatever . I support not only Hardik Patel but everyone and who is fighting for reservation.

    I don’t need it , it doesn’t mean that no one need it .
    Jay sardar .Jay patidar.

    • Barkha

      Yes this is what I said but these brats won’t understand that because they never lived in small town with all hard working Patel community and they never get even good food. Those Patel here talking about the other way are rich spoilt brats

  • BijayA

    An eye opener for all misguided youths… Running with the wolves will only get u to live in the jungle…Open your eyes and don’t let your state to become another disturbed backward, divided region…Things were going , just fine…who is trying to light a fire and bring disturbance and mayhem in your state…I hope sensible minds are not blind to what is happening and where will all this lead to….Open your eyes and activate your brains….

  • jass

    Want to do business with u.

  • Manav Patel

    Even me,i will never support this anarchist…Kejriwal made this script..and this is hurting my home Gujarat..My sincere req to patels to stop violence…

  • Deepayan

    Sir I am not associated with Patel community but still I want to support Hardik in his quest.I heard him speak to a news channel he told them that they are against reservations if govt cannot remove it then why not include them.What’s the harm in it I mean gujjars,patils,jats etc have claimed it why not patels.U said he is spreading a disease, Sir if any disease is detected we go to doctor to cure it keeping in mind it might spread.But if u are not thinking about cure(amendments in reservation policy) why think about its outbreak.

  • Pradeep

    To curb reservation I support Hardik Patel.
    I feel it is the only way left to curb reservation by giving every other caste a reservation or put every caste under SC/ST so that everyone will get equal opportunity.

  • chandrakant

    Hardik Patel is another Arvind Kejriwal and People who are supporting him should know that

  • Ganesh Singh rajawat

    you are a bhakt. tell me who elected Patel MLAs. patel people only or some Patel and some non Patel. tell me to whom Patel MLAs are responsible/devoted party or Patel community. You infered that Patels are politically organised on the basis of number of MLAs only and so they dont need reservation. you are wrong. actually this reservation system must be remove from India.

  • Ujjwal kumar sinha

    I dont support hardik patel because we dont beg reservation, we want to make reservation free india.

  • Rajesh

    Pls remove all the reservation

  • Rajesh

    I m with u pls remove all type of reservation in India. Reservation should be only on merit basis.pls write a letter to supreme court and PMO to pass the ordinace that reservation should be removed.

  • Vishwas Rangari

    Good that you do not support…but you lack the basic knowledge of history and the constitutional provision and background –

    1. Sardar patel never made Bharat…it is because of the efforts of all and specially Babasaheb ambedkar…he actually define Bharat…
    2. No one had given official degree as iron man to sardar patel…same as Mahatma to gandhi…these are unconstitutionally being used by communities belonging to that person…
    3. Reservations are meant to be given on economically, but to those who had been oppressed from 3000 years socially and educationally…constitution do not recognize economy as base for providing reservations…
    4. General category people enjoyed 100% reservation for almost 3000 years…and SC/ST/OBC’s are getting these reservation only from last 50 years…
    5. Reservation was not meant to be designed in constitution but MK Gandhi forced this…
    6. The constitution maker Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar wanted to have separate electorate for these so called backward class people who have almost 80-85% population in India and not reservation…but MK Gandhi with his castiest views denied separate electorate…
    7. As per Pune pact between Ambedkar and Gandhi, the so called touchables and untouchables should come together and decide whether to extend reservations or not every after10 years under the then ruling govt…not a single govt came in power since then exhibited this exercise…
    8. All political parties in India using this tool “reservation” for vote bank including BJP…the party of so called upper caste people…

    WHAT HARDIK PATEL is doing is politics of reservation otherwise we all know patel community really do not need reservations…only socially and educationally backward criteria applies for reservation and not economically backward criteria…

    • manish

      Keep Your bullshit history knowledge with you.How many of so called socially and educationally backward people who has benefited the fruits of reservation are ready to give away their so called life long facility of reservation given them to uplift themselves,when their own society member is not getting the benefits due to these repeatedly benefited people are not giving chance to their own socially,educationally and ECONOMICALLY backward member.
      And for your kind information Iron Man is not an hollywood character,its a respect from heart of all indians given to sardar.He do not need any official degree from a fool like you….

  • Hetal

    I don’t need reservation and I believe nobody should demand it.

  • Chandresh Darji

    there should not b reservation system for govt. we should remove this at all.

  • Jayesh Mehta

    I agree with you Mehul. This looks like a big political conspiracy whilst it looks like that Hardik seems to be the face of someone on whose instructions he is performing. Else, Indian political system is so complex that even at the age of 45 some people mismanages since they dance on someone else’s tune. RAGA is a live example, then how HAPA (Hardik Patel) is talking on so many terms in political scenario. Sooner he understands better would be for him.

  • Vishal

    Hi Mehul,

    I read your view, but as you are happy with your life, with your business and no doubt you earn money to live you and your family Happily. So, you are just thinking about you and your family not for other people. No doubt at my point of view the whole reservation system need to stopped. But first thing can you think about reservations in the Government Education, Government Jobs, Government Facilities ? Second thing this is not beg this is our rights so if we want that and we ask that is not beg. Think about the others not for you only. If Gadhiji was only think about him and his family then till now we are labors of the British goverment.

  • Kumar

    Hey Mehul. Look around, if you might not have experience the discrimination against your community’scommunity’s by quota and reservation. If you have someone in your family with 85% and can’t get into engineering college BC of your last name and someone witth 5% can thenthen feel pain of those people. I do not know which reality you live in but if person with degrees can not get job in government offices then that bleed is not acceptable. So please think twice before saying we are begging, its given right to 147 different community’s and we are just asking to add one more! So keep your insulation to your self if you can’t support, at least don’t speak against it. Jay hind, Jay sardar!

  • Vijay suthar

    I think reservation should be on base of family income not the base on cast. because reservation can help poor people to get the right seat for further study and who really want to study and not like other they get admission and enjoy the college life and wasting the seats. let poor people get help by keeping their seats reserved. I hope CM of Gujarat understand this very clearly.
    thanks for reading.

  • Kanu Patel

    I could not not agree any more with you. Your letter right to the point. I feel really bad that such a incident is taking place in a land we all Gujarat love so much. Our youths are mesmerized and brainwashed that they can detect a person who is creating this issue for his personal ambitions. Hardik is nothing more than Duryoudhana of Gujarat. I wish and pray that Gujarati every where will wake up and crush this movement once and for all. Please do not disgrace my garvi Gujarat. Let us be proud of Sardar Patel, Gandhi bapu and our PM. Wake up my Gujarati fellow.

  • Ashish

    I do not support this demands made by our Patel parivar or patidar parivar and I don’t support HARDIK PATEL on my understanding is its political game played by one Patel to get in the SARKAR LOBBY

  • Gunjan

    Hello Friends,

    Hardik Patel voice is not a single person’s voice, it’s a voice of all the open category people who faced the problem after hard work in education and government jobs. Their children worked hard and get 90 to 93 percentages in 12th science and they are not eligible for the MBBS and higher education while the reservation cast children easily get it at 55 to 60 percentage. If the reservation cast children get a higher mark the they took admission in the general category.

    The Patidar community supports BJP and the Narendra Modi government and being a part of “Sab ka sath, sabka vikas”. They have already proved in last state government(against GPP) and central government election. We are not demanding to involve us into OBC but we are requesting to the government to look out the general category children who worked hard and get the higher marks.

    I am the eye witness and I was a part of the lathicharge attack by the police on GMDC ground. The police didn’t annouce or warn to leave the ground. They didn’t provide 15-20 mins times to public and Hardik was already ready to go with them but police became aggresive and started “Andhadhun Lathicharge”. Police didn’t want to spread this news and they had broken media camera and vehicle also.

    I am supporting him because we found a person who make a noise against the reservation after the 68 years of the freedom. The government must have to take the issue seriously and think about it.

  • Nilesh

    It is easy to give comment by sitting at home.
    You should visit those people who faced trouble while admission procedure.
    Who told you that every Patel is rich?
    Visit such places where Patel is suffering to live for basic needs.
    Apart from Patel, if you are real Indian, you should not spread any positive or negative messages towards any community. This is not driven for any specific community.
    First understand the root then give your opinions.
    This point goes to everyone who gives comments without knowing the truth.
    I hope this much is enough.
    Jay Hind.

  • ajay bhayani

    I m patidar
    i have simple question ….
    if we believe , we all are indian then why should should separate cast wise during admission process , during job ??? when we demand for our AARAKSHAN then you tell us , we are are indian. yes i accept , our method may be wrong but demand is true. SO our JUNG will continue .. DONT IGNOR US …

  • Mahe

    Stop Caste Sytem, Only Merit System,

  • Give reservation to every poor people not for sc st obc

  • Abhi

    Now Reservation is like virus. it should be remove from India. totally agree with mehul

  • Priyanka

    I am agree with Mr.Mehul Patel. Absolutely right..!!

    I am also Patidar. I am agree with the EBC but don’t agree with OBC.

    “Reservation shouldn’t be based on CAST..!! “

  • Priyanka

    One more suggestion is that… for job or to take admission in any field….

    It should not be only case based but it must be only on percentage or talent based…. Not else.

  • Gunjan

    If you think we are Indian then why the government has different cast rules. Why political leaders don’t send their childern to any government school? If any political leader needs hospitality, why they prefer private hospital instead of the government hospital?? All the government services are handled by all the cast where you will find all the categories public. You will find doctors with 60% and 90% also but they have dreads in mind if any 60% doctors will operate him/her.

  • Admirer of Sardar

    Na Mughalo kai aapine gaya , na Angrejo
    , k na bija koi jode asha rakhvani jarur chhe.

    When the constitution was built very few people from our community were well doing. Considering our capabilities they decided to not to give any help for our economic progress. And be proud that we have not disappointed them.

    Compare the data of Economic progress of Patels vs any community which is enjoying government benefits. I am sure you will be proud of being part of this self built progressing community.

    We have achieved this much without any external help but with eachothers support. We don’t need to give any credit to any entity for our achievements. Isn’t that thing to be proud of ?

    Incapable , insecure , weak , incompetent and handicapped people ask for help , benefits or special inclusion. Being a self dependent community it doesn’t suit us to ask for something like reservation.

    Our Economic progress has been self dependent and shall remain self dependent as it makes us a proud community.

    Aatmanirbharta a aapnu swabhiman chhe.

    Stop being used for someone’s political motive.

    No offense to anyone. PEACE.

  • pintu

    in ancient times sc, st and obc catagory people were neglected and badly treated in our society. so now we general people are paying cost for that mistakes done by our ancestors. is it fair to you? so tit for tat then. how many years we have to live under this discreaminated reign.

  • Manu

    ppl who r involved in this agitation and feel proud abt getting something done by blackmailing are the biggest fools.. Patel community hav a espect at present. Yo guys will Loose it. and Sardar patel. He was a great man. He never wanted the cast reservation. He fought for feedom. fought like anything… not for patels… it ws for India… and you assoles r dagging his name.. You gys should try to study and get like other general communties do.. forget abt the reservations. if you work hard u will be rewarded… many patels didn become prosperos just like that… They worked hard. now the youth just loiter around eating guthka and spoil their lives and are begging for reservations… se the hard working ppl from your communities itself. and learn from them.. these lot of ppl are not settled in foreign lands using reservations… fucking jobless ppl.. stop burning your own motherland… and live with pride…

  • Indian

    TEN Questions and their Answers
    Q 1: What is reservation?

    The word reservation is a misnomer. The appropriate word for it used in the Indian Constitution is Representation. It is not given to anyone in his individual capacity. It is given to individual as a representative of the underprivileged community. The beneficiaries of reservations are in turn expected to help their communities to come up.

    Q 2: Why reservation?

    The policy of reservations is being used as a strategy to overcome discrimination and act as a compensatory exercise. A large section of the society was historically denied right to property, education, business and civil rights because of the practice of untouchability. In order to compensate for the historical denial and have safeguards against discrimination, we have the reservation policy.

    Q 3: Were Reservations incorporated by the founding fathers of the constitution only for first 10 years?

    Only the political reservations (seats reserved in Loksabha, Vidhansabha, etc) were to be reserved for 10 years and the policy review was to be made after that. That is why after every 10 years the parliament extends political reservations.

    The 10 year limit for reservations is not true for the reservations in education and employment. The reservations in educational institutions and in employment are never given extension as it is given for the political reservations.

    Q 4: Why give reservations on basis of caste?

    To answer this question we must first understand why the need for the reservations has arisen. The cause for the various types of disabilities that the underprivileged castes in India face / have faced, is the systemic historical subjugation of a massive magnitude based on caste system having a religious sanction. Therefore if the caste system was the prime cause of all the disabilities, injustice and inequalities that the Dalit-Bahujans suffered, then to overcome these disabilities the solution has to be designed on basis of caste only.

    Q 5: Why not on basis of economic criterion?

    Reservations should never be based on economic status for various reasons as follows:

    1. The poverty prevailing among the Dalit-Bahujans has its genesis in the social-religious deprivations based on caste system. Therefore poverty is an effect and caste system a cause. The solution should strike at the cause and not the effect
    2. An individual’s Economic status can change. Low income may be taken to mean poverty. But the purchasing value of money, in India, depends upon caste. For example a Dalit can not buy a cup of tea even in some places.

    3. Practical difficulties in proving economic status of individual to the state machinery are many. The weak may suffer.

    4. In caste ridden India infested with rampant corruption, even for an unchangeable status like caste, the false “Caste Certificate” can be purchased. How much easier will it be to purchase a false “Income Certificate”? So income based reservation is impractical. It is no use arguing when both certificates can be bought, why caste only should form basis of reservation. It is certainly more difficult to buy a false caste certificate than a false income certificate.

    5. Reservation is not an end in itself. It is a means to an end. The main aim is to achieve the active participation and sharing by the “socially excluded” humanity in all the fields of the affairs of the society. It is not panacea for all ills, neither it is permanent. It would be a temporary measure till such time the matrimonial advertisements in newspaper columns continue to contain the mention of caste.

    Q 6: Should there be a creamy layer criterion or not?

    The demand from anti-reservationists for introduction of creamy layer is ploy to scuttle the whole effectiveness of reservations. Even now out of all seats meant for SC/STs in IITs , 25-40 % seats remain vacant because it seems IITs do not find suitable candidates. Just imagine what would happen if by applying creamy layer criterion the SC/ST middle class, lower middle class people who are in position to take decent education are excluded from reservations benefit ! Will the poor among SC/STs be able to compete with these ‘privileged ‘students’ trained under Ramaiah and at various IIT-JEE training centers at Kota ?
    Of course Not.
    This will lead to 100 % seats in IITs for SC/STs going vacant.

    Q 7: How long should the reservations continue?

    The answer to this question lies with the anti-reservationists. It depends on how sincerely and effectively the policy makers which constitute “privileged castes” people in executive, judiciary and legislature, implement the reservations policy.
    Is it just on part of “privileged castes” people who have enjoyed undeclared exclusive reservations for past 3000 years and continue to enjoy the same even in 21st century in all religious institutions and places of worship, to ask for the timelines for reservations policy?
    Why do not they ask, how long the exclusive reservations for particular community in the religious institutions and places of worship are going to continue?
    The people who have acquired disabilities due to inhuman subjugation for 3000 years will need substantial time to come over those disabilities. 50 years of affirmative action is nothing as compared to 3000 years of subjugation.

    Q 8: Will not the reservations based on castes lead to divisions in the society?

    There are apprehensions that reservations will lead to the divisions in the society. These apprehensions are totally irrational. The society is already divided into different castes. On the contrary reservations will help in annihilating the caste system. There are around 5000 castes among the SC/ST and OBCs. By grouping these various castes under 3 broad categories of SC, ST and OBC, the differences among 5000 separate castes can be abridged. This is a best way of annihilation of castes. Therefore rather than making rhetoric about reservations leading to divisions in the society the anti-reservationists should make honest and sincere efforts to annihilate castes. Have these people made any efforts towards this direction? In most of the cases the answer is NO. The people making these anti-reservations rhetoric, all this time have been enjoying all the privileges that the Indian caste system offers to the “Privileged Castes”. As long as they enjoy the privileges of the caste system they do not have any qualms regarding it. But when it comes to making castes as basis for achieving social equality by providing representations these same people make noises. These are the double standards of highest order practiced by the ‘privileged’ people.

    Q 9: Will not reservations affect the Merit?

    As regards to how Merit is defined in a very narrow sense and what it actually means, following is the quote from an article by Prof Rahul Barman of IIT Kanpur.

    Reservations of more than 60 % have existed in the 4 states of southern India and around 40 % in Maharashtra since last 50 years. On other hand in the north Indian states the 15 % ‘privileged castes’ have been enjoying 77 % of the seats in educational institutions and in employment (assuming that 23 % reservations for SC/STs are totally filled, which is not the case). The World Bank study has found that all the 4 south Indian states are much ahead of north Indian states in terms of their human development index. It is a common knowledge that all the southern states and Maharashtra are much ahead in fields of education, health, industrial development, in implementing poverty alleviation schemes, etc. than the north Indian states. This shows that reservations have indeed helped the southern Indian states in making progress on various fronts. Whereas lack of adequate reservations is responsible for the lack of development in most of the north Indian states.

    Q 10: Have existing reservations for SC/STs been effective or not?

    The reservation policy in the public sector has benefited a lot of people. The Central government alone has 14 lakh employees. The proportion of Scheduled castes in class III and IV is well above the quota of 16 per cent and in class I and II, the proportion is around 8–12 per cent. So, the middle and the lower middle class that we see today from the Dalit community is because of reservation.
    tell others why reservation is neeed.

  • Mehul Hirpara(Patel)

    In my opinion, this article discussing a person and his deeds, unnecessary making him famous. Instead, article would have covered how whole system is damaged with idea of reservation. All want to criticize person who wants reservation but no one criticize reservation system. This is a weakness of Indian constitution and people are already taking advantage of it. Now, this is a new guys who also want to take advantage, tomorrow someone else will come.

    FYI, as per last important note mentioned in article – “get 10 people who can sign and declare that “I don’t want reservation”. I think following large group demand that only https://www.facebook.com/jagoparty?fref=ts

  • kishor

    lets wait ur son comes in 12 th u will get the hall idea

  • Anoymous

    well…i am being diplomat as i dont think we need reservation but i support Hardick Patel for the fact that he wants to remove reservation or make it economy wise.I had a neighbour of mine who was from ST category and got selected in medical exam even after being socially and economically Strong as his parentd were doctor…and i did not qualify even after crossing the cut off marks for general…thats simply bullshit and i hate reservation…why to give reservation to people who are economically stable…?

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  • Wake up stand on your own feet.

    Long time the man who started the same and wrote our consitution: Dr Ambedkar’s said “That reservations should be for a fixed period of 30 or 40 years, with no provision for extension.”

    Read the Blog..

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  • Wake up stand on your own feet.

    Long time the man who started the same and wrote our constitution: Dr Ambedkar’s said “That reservations should be for a fixed period of 30 or 40 years, with no provision for extension.” IT was logic as he wanted them to be self reliant with self respect . Not be dependent.

  • anony

    modi should start a new campaign.

  • Amit Patel

    I think Patel Dares to raise voice against the Injustice happening to them.Sardar Patel not included his community in reservation because log bolte “Dekho Ek patidar ne apne liye Kiya Desh Ke liye nahi soch”.Patidar is the Community who are thinking every time which is right for the nation ….whether it is BJP support in Gujarat since last 20 years or Narendra Modi in center….But when our children coming home with out Engg/Medical seat by holding 90% marks againt those people who have just managed to pass the exam…THEN IT IS THE GREAT LOSS TO NATION….Later on loss to any Hardworking deserving student and than any community.That is “Sone Ki chidiya” India is still Behind…We don’t regret for raising our Voice but we regret that other communities are taking it otherwise …..We have STRONGLY RESISTED THE RESERVATION IN 1981 AND 1985 and Congress supported the OBC reservation that’s why congress is out of power in Gujarat since last 20 years….We are asking for reservation thinking that Govt will remove the OBC quota if We demand…STOP RESERVATION …VOICE OF PATIDAR….EVERY BODY SHOULD JOIN…NOW OR NEVER..

  • kumar abhishek upadhyay

    my dearest hindu bros.

    जो भी हार्दिक पटेल के पथ पे जा रहे हैं , मेरे हिसाब से वो लोगो की सोच आज के औरंगजेब औवेसी (ह्य्द्राबादी) जैसी हैं जो टुकड़े करो और राज करो में मानता हैं। हार्दिक पटेल आजकल का २२/२३ साल का लौड़ा हैं उसे अभी ये भी पता नहीं होगा की वो जिस के कहने से ये सब कर रहा हैं वो कितना सही हैं ? अगर उसमें थोड़ी सी भी समज हैं धमकी से नहीं समज से काम ले बस । मांग करनी हैं तो आरक्षण को हटनेकी मांग करो और वो भी सीधी तरह नहीं की हिंसा के ज़ोर पे।

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  • sidhanta

    If the issue is about the poor farmers,then how reservation for a community can solve that.
    That means according to hp farmers are staying in gujarat only and all the farmers belongs to patel community.What if the govt. agrees to give the reservation instead of removing it.will not be this an injustice to all the poor people who are belongs to other s highr casts.are not they citizens of india.or our govt. should give facilities to people belongs to the community who can organize a crowd and can demand.
    And is not it appropriate to give good facilities to the poor farmers and provide such facilities in this field that no one would hesitate to make this a career.Otherwise our next generation will plan to become an obc instead of a farmer.
    If you really want to solve the problem of poor people and farmers stand for them.not for any community.protest to provide better facilities to poor and farmers.betterment of their condition will automatically help their children.there wont be any requirement of any kind of reservation.

  • Anonymous

    lets see

    first thing gmdc ground your all andolan thing started from morning i have relatives who are there doing duty on that place they haven’t eat food nor drink even water for lets say 6 am from morning to 8pm night and they were there all the time for protecting whom public or minister ? no no it;s you all patidars and u know wat they said all patidar have food and water as you can see on the road on ahemdabad on rally day

    police man are robot they don’t need food nor water they have to follow there duty ..and after frustration they just hit 2 people and that’s jaliyawala bag .. and im not saying some of them are not reasonable but that meant you have to go against police in whole state it’s not religion .. and ya that video on news channel one where police entered in house and harm people and properties

    i give u scenario tell me wat u done ? person getting out in curfew and after doing damage hide in home according you all in home they are innocent person and that happened because.. the main reason is they have home on the road and how thats happen all the time they have cctv when police attack you don’t think that’s just rare i don’t think that just coincidence u have ur brain use it don’t just follow on someone else mind and if u don;t believe me just take whole day recording .. hh it’s just gonna be like that tarak mehta something college admission episode .. there are some police who are responsible for real damage but u can count them on ur fingers and that’s just rare … and that’s just pressure from situations and it’s hard to protect something then just burn …

    and finally media i have to tell u that’s all riot thing happened because of media and u know why some police man broke there glasses of there vehicles and that’s why 8 people got killed and 1000 crore damage to public properties i seen news channel and how they taking interview people and seriously wat there job is to protect people from rumor and they show us videos from whatsapp … seriously people trusting on this news they were on road and yet and they were saying hinsa ne na after that they saw us how people reacting what the hell ….. seriously i thought government will do something about that but nop all gone ….

    law protect those who respect law ……

    and this andolan lets see for god sake half of government is patidar and we are just servants u still want more seriously . be reasonable there is a god …. there is still schools , temples and societies where obc sc st peoples are not allowed u ignoring that u took those people in ur andolan trust me they don’t know anything about reservation they are just because it’s against sc,st,obc . and if u want to see go into villages people and take a walk u will see ur poorest people have servant for there farming and who is servant u know it’s our people that should be enough u to understand jsut use ur own brain and be reasonable …..

  • Raj

    we should support patel
    I’ll explain it why
    They are asking reservation for them or to abolish reservation system
    Two possible things could happen
    1.either government can accept their reservation demand but this can’t be done due to it is againstsupreme Court judgment of only 50% reservation.
    Even though government give reservation to them every people will fight for reservation which will result in catastrophic riot .
    2.So the next available option is to abandon reservation system which will be better.
    most probably 2nd thing should come into existence

    I agree many of need reservation but those who already reached rich position is also using it(majority is rich from my experience who got higher government posts)
    on the other side those students who got higher marks were not able to get seat in reputed college and government jobs due to reservation.
    so let us abolish this reservation system and government should take steps to provide scholarship and build quality education system for students.
    let us rise our voice to abolish reservation system.

  • manish

    The following institutions have been kept out of the purview of Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Act, 2006:
    1. Homi Bhabha National Institute, Mumbai and its ten constituent units, namely:
    1. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay
    2. Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam
    3. Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore
    4. Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar
    5. Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata
    6. Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata;
    7. Institute of Physics, Bhubaneshwar
    8. Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai
    9. Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad
    10. Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai
    11. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai
    12. North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, Shillong
    13. Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad
    14. Space Physics Laboratory, Thiruvananthapuram
    15. Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehradun
    16. Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra


  • Chengal Reddy

    I work for farmers well being ,specially on policies. Mr Hardik Patel should work on farmers issues because 99% Pattidars are farmers. Due to lack of lobbying by farmers , they are not getting profitable price,nor insurance or pension. Mr Patel should realize that unemployment and unrest in rural youth including Patels is farming are not getting sufficient attention or technologies or investments or free markets
    So, please take up farmers problems.Once farming becomes profitable there will be no need for jobs or there will be need for reservation. Please understand that demand for government jobs is because of security growth felicities old age comforts.Because they are denied to farmers people are clamoring for jobs But you should know that most of the people including all casts after joining jobs become corrupt and forget their people.
    Farming was a noble profession .We were called “ANNA DAATA” However after 1990 liberalization we are made beggars. The politicians from farming communities have become power brokers and neglected us. What ou should do is to get profitable price ,insurence and old age pension for every farmer. There will be no need for frmers to go to cities and live sewage rats. Nothing is comparable to free life of farming.

    If you want i can provide suggestion. The farming issues will make you the Savior of 600 million poor, illiterate and help less farmers of all the states (our nation) including Patel. You got recognition and attention of people of our country as well as World . Take up an issue that will stand for ever.
    P.Chenga Reddy Chief Adviser, Consortium of Farmers Associations (CIFA)
    Email ;chengal.p@gmail.com

  • Amin

    This is not good thing done by hardik so called fighter for paterl / patidar….this is only a face of sme hidden face of some other party.

    if people in country must boycot of patels business. dont do any business with them and support them. what will happend with paterl samaj??? will they survived with so called hardik??? he will seat in lape of his AKKA.. and suffering by all patels samaj. he is dumb f****r and dont know what will be the consiquancies behiend this.

    he doing nothing but simply blame to state and central BJP coverment if sometning wrong then they are responsibile for all but not by him. he give DHAMKI to government..he protest cricket in rajkot..why??? doing this all will he get reservation?? what actually he wanted to prove??? one more thing during his protest in GMDC ground why he give his all spitch in HINDI??? all the poples were gujarati then why not in gujarati??? there is must be something behind his mind….he is a real culpit of inocent people who died in riots. he should be punnished.

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