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I love cows and I am not a killer

  • Avantika Debnath
  • July 22, 2018
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If the terrorism spread worldwide has no religion, lynching has no religion either.

A few lynchers could have been Gorakshaks but not all Gorakshaks are lynchers. Not to forget few of the cases turned out to be a total hoax in the name of lynching for gauraksha aimed at tarnishing the Hindu image.

I do not condone violence of any kind and I will not take it if you blame my entire community, my country for one or two odd cases and paint us with one broad brush.

I have never objected to what you keep on your table, but I will never apologize for loving and protecting cows either.

Lynchings are not a part of my culture. Pretty sure if there at all were a book on Gauraksha, its Chapter 8, verse no 108 would have read – “if u lynch 1 person, it is as if you lynched entire mankind”

I am a #ProudHindu

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