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If everything goes right then we will see ‘Indian Flag’ on the moon by 2018 on Republic Day!

  • 2 months ago

Team Indus, a privately owned company that needs to be the nation’s first to send a rover to the moon and plant the Indian flag on its surface on Republic Day January 26, 2018, has purchased a ticket on board a 320-ton mammoth rocket, conveying it nearer to its objective.

The moonshot will be acknowledged with the trusted polar satellite dispatch vehicle or PSLV designed by India’s space organisation ISRO.


Team Indus is purchasing the launch at commercial rates, says ISRO. Other than a trek to the moon and the bragging rights that take after, the desire Google Lunar XPRIZE is likewise in question.

Reported in 2007, the contest offers a $20 million first prize to the principal secretly supported groups to land a robot on the moon that effectively ventures more than 500 meters and transmits back superior quality pictures and video.


A various group of around 100 individuals build in 2010, Bengaluru-based Team Indus plans to send an orbiter, a lander and a rover to the moon before the end of 2017. Among the 30-odd contenders for the prize from around the globe, just Team Indus has obtained a rocket contract for a practical launcher.

Having inked the arrangement, the group needs to now race against time to meet the due date furthermore meet ISRO’s stringent details to make its payload deserving of flying on a national asset.


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