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Importance of ABCD in Life

  • Roshan Bhondekar
  • October 11, 2017
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As per the historical evidence, nothing is ready-made on this earth i.e. (that is) something has to be earned and  something has to be created. We can help people to understand their responsibilities, but we can’t help people who are irresponsible. This is a very simple and straightforward principle which could be associated and related with everyone. Drama is totally dependent on ‘Scripted’ artifacts, if we have understood the script properly, then only we can perform drama. Drama sometimes would be associated with ‘Circle of influence’ and ‘Area of circle’.

If you strongly believe in ‘Karma’, then this A, B, C, D terms are related to you.

Let me place before you a practical example of some useful case; in the example described below, A is nothing but a ‘common person’ and B is nothing but a ‘family member/professional colleague/friend/fiancee/wife, etc.

Stupidity: – If A is always thinking about B and B doesn’t care about A.

Ignorance: – If A is fully dependent on B and B is thinking about C.

Ability: – If A is fully dedicated to B and still B is confused, but A knows he/
she is best among all.

Confidence: – If A is doing his/her best for B and B is expecting miracle
from C, but A is looking forward and doesn’t care about C.

Miracle: – If A did something for B and that was not expected from A, and
C is in trouble due to A’s efforts.

Attitude: – A is not worrying about result, and B is thinking also A is honest,
but C is also thinking about A+B in future or A+B=A*B or A/B=A-B.

Risk: – A is honest about his efforts for B, but B is worrying about C and C
is thinking about D.

Tragedy: – A did his/her best for B, and B is unable to understand A, and B is
also playing with C.

Cheating: – D, C and B are playing with A, but A can understand the real
strategy behind BCD game.

Have seen lot of youth are confused while choosing the right ‘B’, but they are busy with ‘C’ and ‘D’, recently conducted a survey and found above analysis – which might be useful for people to understand their importance first and choosing the right ‘B’.

Bottom-line is choose your ‘area of circle’ carefully.

‘B’ is nothing but – Better person in Life.

‘A’ is nothing but – Active person in Life.

‘C’  is nothing but – Cool person in Life.

‘D’ is nothing but – Dashing person in Life.


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