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How India caused anxiety in ‘gangster’s heaven’

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • January 10, 2018
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Taking the combat to Dawood Ibrahim was vital and his huge power lies in his money and lavish properties that he owns across the globe. He has been an asset for the ISI mainly for this reason and many intelligence reports have hinted clearly that the money that the Don raises is used to fund terror-related activities. He also rose ample of funds running the fake currency racket. The huge setback for him was after the decision of demonetization when his syndicate had to shut down a mint in Pakistan.

The combination of Dawood Ibrahim and his CEO, Chhota Shakeel was a deadly one. Cracking the syndicate had become extremely vital. Now with the news of Chhota Shakeel’s death surfacing, it emerges as though the syndicate has broken up. According to the sources, Anees and Shakeel carried on a sequence battle. Earlier, in March Dawood was in the ICU and had even stopped responding to the treatment. The failing health of the Don led to a combat between Anees and Shakeel.

An FIR was filed earlier against Shakeel in connection with an extortion case. The Crime branch has marked that Shakeel may be running his own gang and this indicates that there is a split between and Don and Anees. While India is on a hunt of Dawood, Pakistan has moved him to Karachi. His famous Clifton bungalow is now vacant and he has been moved to a safe house in Islamabad. For approximately two years, Don has not been allowed to speak on the phone. The only calls he could make and receive were on a satellite phone that was mainly used by Shakeel.

However, he holds many passports in the past few years he has not traveled out of Pakistan restricting a visit to Mecca.


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