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India scripts history. Wins a ODI series for the first time in South Africa

  • Akshay Rane
  • February 14, 2018
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Before the beginning of the India South Africa ODI series, everyone had their doubts on the outcome of the tournament. Right from the legendary greats to the expert critics who have never faced a single ball in their entire life; everyone had something to say about the Indians being poor travellers since time immemorial.

Team India began the series on a hesitant note losing both the Test matches on a trot. Some blamed it on the unfavourable pitches while others blamed it on the age-old ‘poor travellers tag.’
However, one thing that isn’t a part of this team and that is a pessimistic attitude. The Indian team clawed back in to the series by winning the final Test match with ease.

India carried the momentum from the final Test match in to the ODI tournament. Team Indian ended up winning all the three ODIs back-to-back thus asserting their dominance over a faltering Proteas.

However, the South African team fought back and won the fourth ODI convincingly thus keeping the series hopes alive. Virat Kohli was a man possessed when India took to the bat on the penultimate ODI match.

Rohit Sharma, who was not among the thick of runs in the first 3-ODIs set all guns blazing on the fearsome Proteas bowlers. He did end up causing two run-outs during his mighty knock. Even Hardik Pandya joined the celebrations as he contributed to 4 dismissals in all, 2 owing to his effortless fielding.

Virat Kohli and team by defeating SA ensured that they script history for the first time in 25 years on South African soil. By the end of it, Kohli & co silenced their detractors for good, once and for all.

He has sent a clear message to the critics. This team is not to be taken lightly and are certainly not poor travellers. We do hope the Indian team continues their dream run right till the upcoming World Cup in 2019.

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