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Why did India take so long to pass law on ‘Triple Talaq’?

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • December 29, 2017
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The Lok Sabha finally passed the ‘Triple Talaq’ bill yesterday. Several BJP members participated in the discussion. Other personal laws have seen changes, amendments and restructuring over the years, either by the respective practising societies or the courts but Muslim personal laws never could see any such changes. The most contentious issue in Muslim personal law is the instant Talaq, better known as ‘Triple Talaq’. Since last forty years, no political party showed much agility in closing this long pending demand from many quarters, important being the Muslim women.

No one really knows why ‘Triple Talaq’ never got a holistic look that it deserves. Have you ever observed the way Congress always kept supporting and pampering this issue? Nehru was a Muslim by birth! Most of his followers might deny this bitter fact but yes it is true. The religion that he continued with was Islam. At the time of Independence, he stood beside the decision of honourable Mahatma Gandhi who agreed to give the separate nation for Muslims.

32 years back when it was the rule of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi the legal battle, in various ways, is reminiscent of the 1978 Shah Bano case which was a landmark step in Muslim women’s combat for social justice and equality, but met with a huge disappointment because of government’s disapproval. This was all because Rajiv Gandhi got cowed down and chose politics over a woman’s rights. It is said that Rajiv Gandhi’s personal sympathies lay with the liberal opinion, but had given the huge pressure from all sides, he himself visited the family and asked Bano to refuse the maintenance.

Wait, it’s not yet over. Rajiv Gandhi also executed a law overturning the Supreme Court judgement else the party would face defeat in the next elections. The corrupt leader, who had promised to drag India into the age of modernity – the “computer age” – got complicated in the dark web of vote bank politics and bad advice. There’s no denying that he was caught in an immense, given the time. But this case should have gone beyond politics.

The great scion of Congress ‘Rahul Gandhi’, earlier said that “Devotees who visit temple often also harasses women”. The immature fellow didn’t utter a single word against “Nikaah Halala”. What does this indicate towards? As a part of their vote bank, they never agreed to go against of “Shariyath” and Nikah – Halala”.


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