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India to get California-Like Seaside Highway, Soon!

In the midst of all the tumult that is going on right now, we frequently have something to clutch. India, as different and strange as it could be, is additionally the place that is known for immense magnificence.

Inferable from that and in an offer to improve it, considerably more, the government is wanting to enhance the surroundings of Mumbai-Goa national roadway along the seacoast on the lines of the street compare to Los Angeles and San Francisco seaside highways in the United States.

And this is just because of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari.

Amid his visit to the United States two months back, he made a trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles along the Pacific sea, which is the point at which the plan struck him.

Taking after his bearing, Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) is setting up a point by point project design. It goes for changing the Mumbai-Goa street correspondingly.

More than 35,000 km of the route will be changed soon. The government additionally plans to build 2,000 Railway overbridges.

The minister likewise said 1300 spots have been distinguished in the nation for giving roadside amenities like inns, motels, petrol pumps and helipads, which would offer tremendous business open doors for local people.

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