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Indian Athletes Neglected By Our Government at Rio Olympics!!!

Our athletes have done us proud, and brought joy for our country. An athlete’s life is no less than a hurdle race. To become an athlete is not a cake walk. In an endeavour to outperform other athletes, they need motivational as well as financial support. We being a country of little more than billion people; there is no dearth of talent. But since the process of training and procuring equipment prove expensive many back out and the few left either continue for their passion or backed by sponsors.

Athletes representing their respective countries for Olympics are given the best of facilities and equipment. While the Chinese athletes are given spa and acupuncture therapies along with best replenishments, the Americans are known for their top notch equipment and training facilities.

Indian government on one hand organises departure ceremonies for our athletes to boost their morale, and on the other the apathy of Indian officials towards our players is just outrageous!

This is what happened in the case of marathon runner and national record holder OP Jaisha recently, when Indian official failed to provide her even water during her arduous run.

While the organizing teams of athletes from other countries were diligently providing them water every 2.5 km, there was no one for our Indian athletes. She had to depend on the Rio organizers providing water, but that was every 8 km. As a result, the national record holder fainted at the finish line. She remained unconscious for almost 2-3 hours and had to be administered 7 bottles of glucose!

Officials from all other countries were providing refreshments after every 2.5 km – to their runners at designated points and the Indian desks were empty.

As quoted by TOI – Jaisha said, “I don’t know how I managed to finish without getting enough water to drink. The organizers provided water and sponge only at 8-km intervals. The water from these stations lasted hardly 500m and it was almost impossible to run after the 30-km mark under the scorching sun. While other athletes had the luxury of taking glucose, honey etc there was nothing for us (Jaisha and Kavita) to drink at our stations. Not even water,”

The indifference and apathy of Indian officials towards our players is heartbreaking. Our athletes who give their sweat, blood and tears to their sport, certainly deserve better treatment.

It is sheer shame on the part of government for neglecting our national athletes. They deserve better treatment, after all they give their blood, sweat and tears to their sport and all this with a sole intention- to make the country proud.

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