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How India’s ‘Operation Arjun’ made Pakistan surrender

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • September 28, 2017
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Pakistan had upped the ante. In a desperate bid to help terrorists infiltrate into the Valley and position them before the winter set in, the Pakistan army had resorted to ceasefire violations on a daily basis. The several warnings and requests fell on deaf ears. Then came Operation Arjun. This was one of the most high-profile operations undertaken by the Border Security Force in recent times. It involved targeting the farms and residences of Pakistan’s serving and former army officers near the border.

The impact of this operation was such that Pakistan was forced to wave the white flag begging for peace. India has often said that Pakistan has given land and houses to some of its officers both serving and former to ensure that terrorist infiltration continued unabated. The BSF decided that it would target these farms and residences and has been doing so in a sustained manner. Pakistan, however, continued to violate the cease-fire and even stepped up the presence of snipers.

The BSF then decided that this had to stop and came up with Operation Arjun. With the help of the long-range 81 mm weapons, it caused significant damage to Pakistan. In the retaliation, several border outposts were also destroyed. The BSF also used small, medium and area weapons to target Pakistan.

The impact was such that Pakistan Rangers’ Punjab DG called on Sharma and requested him to stop the operation.

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