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This instructor has proved that even Deaf can learn martial arts

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • October 5, 2017
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Not all Karate instructors would know how to reach profoundly deaf children. It’s not only a scary but also a very demanding task. For Anand Mouli Patnaik, teaching martial arts to these children is both challenging and exciting. He occasionally takes the students for hiking and rock climbing as well. Such physical activities make a big difference to the children’s lives, he says. He began his Karate training during the early 90s.

Soon after completing his education, he started coaching students at schools in JK Pur and Rayagada. He then became an inveterate Karate instructor. He shifted his base to Sunabeda in 2008 to take up a job with the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. Anand holds the rank of the 5th Dan in Shito-Ryu Karate. He devotes a few hours to the children in orphanages and schools in the Koraput district, the southern region of Orissa, and visits the Deaf School during weekends, and Orphanages on weekdays.

He tries to boost their confidence, inculcates moral values and creates awareness among his students. Anand often warns his students not to misuse the skill, or else martial arts loses its value and respect. He, along with other like-minded friends, established a Blood Donation Association. Anand and Dr Patra, a lecturer from Semliguda College, and other members are organising blood donation camps. Over 200 students of Anand help him organise the camps.

Anand’s plan is to help shape up his students and create an all-volunteer military and martial arts trainers’ group in the coming years. There are more than 17,000 orphans housed in 300 orphanages, childcare institutions and deaf schools in the state. They want to focus on Koraput district and other southern regions of Orissa. On the eve of World Deaf Day recently, Anand’s students trooped down to the stage for a martial arts performance. A fortnight earlier, Anand went door-to-door to collect money for buying tracksuits and other clothes for those students.

The state government has moved a Government Order to provide free education to orphan students till post-graduation. The government and NGOs take care of their basic needs like shelter and food. Thankfully, his efforts and endeavours have the local authorities’ approval. The District Collector of Koraput, Orissa, Anupam Saha, recently felicitated Anand for his contribution. The district’s police officers recognised his efforts in encouraging girls and women and providing them training in Karate. To do this, he had to meet the parents of the girls and convince them of the benefits of martial arts for women.

His efforts are truly remarkable and worth appreciated. Hats Off to you sir!!

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