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‘ISIS COMING SOON’ slogan wrote on famous Hindu Temple wall in Himachal Pradesh.

  • 3 weeks ago

A few weeks before a man wanted to join ISIS was arrested in Himachal Pradesh, another occurrence has sent the Himalayan state in a stun. A temple in the Solan district of the state has been ruined with “ISIS coming soon” written on its walls.

The scene happened in the Dharampur town where nearby kids and enthusiasts saw something written in English and Arabic over the passage of the temple. They inform the nearby panchayat head of the matter, who reported the same to the police.

At the point when police arrived, they observed that “ISIS coming soon” was written on the walls of the temple. They took help of nearby people who could read Arabic or Urdu to interpret the rest. It was found that the part written in Arabic script was “la ilaha illallah” i.e. “there is no God yet Allah” which is an initial segment of the Islamic Shahada.

The police are investigating the case and nothing is thought about the offenders yet. A few reports propose that such writing was additionally gone out opposite the temple also.

The concerned temple is located at Kalka-Shimla national highway and is known as Manasa Devi temple.

By seeing the photos, it creates the impression that stencils were utilised to print this slogan, perhaps to hide the handwriting of the culprit, which could have been an idea for the situation.

The experience has left local people stressed as the state has to a great extent been quiet and such incidents were not reported before. But, it goes ahead the heels of an arrest of a man named Abid Khan, who was an occupant of Bengaluru yet was stowing away in Himachal Pradesh with a fake identification.

Abid was reported for to be in contact with ISIS agents and he himself wanted to join the terrorist group. He was living in Himachal for most recent five months under a fake Christian identity and was arrested from a Church.

Despite the fact that there is no verification right now accessible to specifically connect the two occurrences, this without a doubt has sent the alerts both among the resident and additionally among the security agencies.

Source: AAJ TAK

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