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Why isn’t Khatna banned in our country (Female Genital Mutilation)?

  • Akshay Rane
  • February 7, 2018
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Recently the Supreme Court of India passed a landmark judgement which declared Triple Talaq as null and void and unconstitutional.

However, have you ever heard about the infamous ritual of Khatna or Khafz which is followed by the Bohra community?

Khatna or female genital mutilation is the practice of cutting of the clitoris of a woman. This immensely painful and atrocious practice of cutting off the clitoris is practiced among the Bohra community on girls as young as the tender age between 6 – 10.

Young girls on the pretext of going to the cinema or park are instead taken to a small dim-lit rooms in which the ritual is carried out by untrained females. Sharp objects such as razors or blades are used for cutting off the clitoris.

For the unknown, clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of a female body that stimulates sexual feelings among women. The practice of Khatna is carried out so that the woman does not stray away from the bonds of a married relationship and steers away from her carnal pleasures. Hence, the Bohra women can never ever experience sexual pleasure.

Post the brutal act of cutting off the clitoris the girls undergo immense pain and profuse bleeding for days to come. India today has become a hub for female genital mutilation as this practice has been deemed illegal by countries such as Australia and USA. In fact, in Australia the crime warrants to around 15 months in prison.

Hence, Bohras from across the world visit India, where the practice is still not illegal. What is perplexing is the Bohra community is one of the most liberal Muslims who have no restrictions on the education of their female population.

We would surely like to hear your views on this practice. Isn’t it time that this practice is termed illegal once and for all.

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