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Israel’s PM Bollywood Event: Why Khans chose to skip it?

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • January 27, 2018
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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit to India was historic. It not only strengthened relations between the two countries but also increased cooperation in many aspects. As a part of enhancing its image abroad, Israel has called upon Bollywood to increase its presence in the Middle East nation. It was also about promoting the Jewish state as a suitable destination to shoot movies. Since the multibillion-dollar industry caters to a large audience worldwide, Israelis are keen to warm up to Bollywood.

During the same, an outreach program was arranged in Mumbai titled ‘Salom Bollywood’ where many stars from the fraternity were invited. Whilst biggies such as Amitabh Bachchan graced the occasion with their presence, a few chose to give it a miss. The Bollywood Khans were conspicuous by their absence and it cannot be a mere coincidence. On the contrary, there are many reasons for the Khans to skip the event for the better.

Firstly, it may be something to do with the ruling dispensation. SRK and Aamir Khan have been quite vocal during the intolerance debate. It was clear they were not happy with the government and had raised this issue on various public platforms several times. Aamir Khan’s wife Kiran Rao had infamously remarked about her safety in the country. It is certainly possible that PM Netanyahu was boycotted as he forms a close association with PM Modi. It was also a way of sending signals of a subtle protest against the government.

Secondly, it may have been the nationality of the visiting PM. There is no doubt about the fact that there is a considerable amount of support for the Palestinian cause in the country. This mindset is more prevalent amongst the Muslim population.

The biased hypocritical stand taken by these Bollywood stars is not just confined to selective issues or a particular political side they take. It also has now crossed boundaries and exceeded to other arenas which are reflected in their attitude towards leaders visiting the country. Perhaps, this was an ideal time to show true secularism but avoiding a Jewish PM has exposed their true colors. The Left and the liberals were protesting on the streets against PM Netanyahu with placards and demonstrations which were wholly visible. However, the three Khans and their subtle protest by boycotting the event certainly made more noise.

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