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It’s Amit Shah v/s Prashant Kishor

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  • March 11, 2017
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Prashant Kishor, a key behind-the-scenes figure of the Narendra Modi election campaign in 2014, raised many an eyebrow when he switched sides to Nitish Kumar. That’s quite a fence to jump. Janata Dal (United) broke its alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party in 2013 solely because Modi as a prime ministerial candidate wasn’t acceptable to Nitish Kumar.

So why did Kishor choose one of Modi’s most bitter and fierce opponents? To help Nitish Kumar win Bihar, yes, but also score a critical point over Amit Shah. Now the man is working with a sole aim to defeat BJP in 2019. He has laid the ground work from Bihar. He knows he can’t defeat BJP all by aligning himself with congress so he has decided to rope in regional leaders. Many think it was Rahul Gandhi who convinced Nitish to join forces with RJD but the real man behind the scenes was kishor and everyone knows what happened.

After winning Uttar Pradesh in Lok Sabha elections in 2014, the BJP national President Amit Shah has once again proved that he is an unparalleled engineer of electoral strategies. The wave that led the BJP to sweep in UP Assembly elections was carefully crafted by Shah over a long period of time when he camped at the Lucknow head office of the party and traversed the state for months, even landing in small towns in his chopper.

The winning tactic of Shah was an extreme campaign where Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself addressed scores of rallies. More than a dozen central ministers were also campaigning. He did not let combat fatigue him down in an election spread over nearly two months. Shah knew that there can’t be one election plank for the entire state so he planned different planks for each phase of elections, raising issues that were relevant to the particular region going to polls.

In the end, Narendra Modi needs Amit Shah more than Prashant Kishor. Elections come anad go, but a party can only rely on the loyalty of its own leaders. Its relations with external consultants, no matter how brilliant, will be transactional

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