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Ivanka Trump tipped a handsome amount to this waitress…Know why?

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • December 6, 2017
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Ivanka Trump…daughter of United States President has earned the huge respect of the worldwide officials within no time… For her incredible skills in entrepreneurship and other aspects, she is one of the most talented young businessmen in this era. Approximately for 7 years, the global entrepreneurship summit (GES) has linked top entrepreneurship talent with investors and startup ecosystem across the world

In partnership with the Government of the United States of America, NITI Aayog has proudly hosted the 8th annual global entrepreneurship summit in our country – India. It was addressed by our honourable PM of India Narendra Modi. The U.S. delegation was led by Ms Ivanka Trump, Advisor to President Trump. Ivanka’s 350-member delegation includes top administration officials and a huge number of Indian-Americans. The summit will also feature 1,200 young entrepreneurs, mostly women, Amazing! The youngest person attending the meet is 13, say officials.

The humble lady arrived in Hyderabad on Tuesday for the event. She and her team members landed at the Shamshabad  (Hyderabad) Airport. After reaching her destination, she thanked people for the warm welcome.

All was going well Ivanka was supposed to stay at Weinstein Hotel in Hyderabad, but for her security concerns, she has later shifted Trident hotel in Hyderabad itself. Ivanka was so impressed by the service which the hotel gave her she tipped off her waitress around $15000 USD…that is approximately Rs 9,67,117 ..this is definitely a splendid one.

She was eager to shop at the Laad Bazaar, which is known for its bangles, semi-precious stones, pearls, jewellery, and silverware. For security reasons, she had to cancel her visit to Charminar, the iconic symbol of Hyderabad. Ivanka has won everyone over in India with her appealing personality and grace. After this news of her tip came out, she won many hearts with her kindness. We are assured that Ivanka Trump’s popularity as a young, dynamic global leader will increase many folds after her successful visit to India.

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