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Jackie Shroff’s ‘Shunyata’ Wins Best Film Award in Los Angeles

  • Siddhant Ghatge
  • March 14, 2018
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We all have been smitten by Jackie Shroff AKA Jaggu dada and his quintessential performances. It’s the dark roles that he plays so seamlessly that piques our interest and gives us an insight into the lives of those who choose to walk the unconventional and unlawful path of crime. Born and brought up in the Teen Batti slums of Mumbai, he has had his brush with delinquency in his early days. Maybe that’s the secret to his convincing performances when it comes to portraying dark roles.

One such film which has recently garnered a lot of appreciation nationally and internationally is the 22-minute fiction film “Shunyata” directed by Chintan Sarda. The film has won an award at Best of India Short Film Festival in Los Angeles, US.

Shunyata was selected to be in top six from amongst thousands of entries and was played at a theatre in Los Angeles for a ticketed event for a week. It was then adjudged as the best film and awarded a cash prize of $1000.

Shunyata has been produced by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films and stars Jackie Shroff, Lekh Tandon and Machindra Gadkar, a national award winner.

The film has two protagonists; one is Jackie Shroff as a hitman in Mumbai and Machindra as a young boy whose mother has been murdered.  The young boy and the hitman strike a friendship in the dark streets of Mumbai and together decide to leave their life of crime and grime once and for all. What happens next forms the rest of the story.

Chintan Sarda has excelled as a director in this and captured the nuances of Mumbai as well as the human nature and packaged it in a gripping short storyline.

This film has everything that is an intricate part of Mumbai life–the crime and the grime–sprinkled with humor and heart-touching specks of humanity that makes us believe of the age-old triumph of good over evil.

Jaggu dada has still got it in him and Shunyata is an evidence of it. If you are someone who loves something different from the archetypal Bollywood movies and wish to get a sneak peek into the dark side of life in Mumbai, then don’t give this movie a miss. All you have at stake here is a mere 22 minutes.

  Watch the movie on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X69yLmvRBfU


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