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Jammu & Kashmir moving towards peace

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  • January 9, 2017
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Demonetisation is among the most chewed topics today. At one end the entire nation is standing with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this fight against black money and at another end all opposition along with mainstream media are campaigning against this. There are various aspects of looking at the effects of demonetisation. Like it would lead to wiping out of black money and fake currency, it will also control inflation etc, to name a few. A major example of demonetisation is how Kashmir, the burning paradise of our nation is now inching towards normalcy.

For almost 20 weeks, life came to a halt owing to the tensions in the Kashmir valley after the armed forces killed local LeT terrorist Burhan Wani. Massive stone pelting by the Kashmiris on the armed forces and army’s use of pellet guns made headlines. The daily routine of the valley stayed disrupted for more than 20 weeks. Barely 10 days after the demonetisation, Kashmir has surprisingly come to normalcy.

The changeover of high denomination notes in India is arguably a major strategic step that has been lauded by many Indians. The gaping chasm between our legal and illegal economy had reached an alarming state where the anti-national elements ranging from corrupt officials and tax evaders to state sponsored terrorists had a free run through India’s security apparatuses. Among others, demonetisation has badly affected terror financing in the country.

It is an established fact that Pakistan infused money into Indian territory for terrorist activities. In Kashmir though people are bound to use Indian currency, the demonetisation has same effect on rich influential people. It has demoralised the nefarious elements who have acted as circulatory bodies of the ISI money. The government, since the surprise announcement of the demonetisation move, has reiterated that this would not only prevent corruption and hoarding of black money but also go a long way in curbing terror-funding.

Terror funds are mostly sourced in counterfeit currency, comprising high-quality fake notes that Indian agencies suspect are printed at the Pakistan government printing press in Quetta and its security press at Karachi.

Kashmir valley issue is one of the bleeding wounds of our country gifted by our beloved 1st PM Jawaharlal Nehru. The seeds of separatism were sowed long back in the blood of the Kashmiri Muslims by then politicians and now that are nurtured by the mainstream media and political parties. Separatist forces like Hurriyat and Yasin Mallik’s JKLF behind the shell article of 370 constitutions are nurturing the venom separatism. The Kashmiri population is not homogenised with Indian blood even after 69 years of independence. The combat between armed forces and Kashmiri residents were making new records. No diplomatic or military solutions were able to solve this knot.

Demonetisation is a vital step in the fight against the finance of terrorism. However, it should neither be the first nor the last, if the interlinked threats of corruption, crime and the finance of terrorism have to be controlled. These must also not be addressed simply within departmental and ministerial silos. Instead, an all-of government approach is imperative if each of these challenges is to be met.

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