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JNU – An Educational Institution or an Institution aimed at wreaking havoc in India?

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  • March 24, 2018
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JNU is a big game. Congress is funding heavily the JNU movement. Cambridge Analytica episode has proved how Congress is hell bent on breaking India to remain in power. In the ongoing controversy in JNU, target isn’t mere Professor Johri. But BJP 2019. Today Commies are having long march to Parliament. Organizing a march to Parliament requires lots of money starting from booking buses, paying for colourful banners, flexes, T-shirts, buying refreshments and water for protesters and even many a times paying your protesters otherwise working people wont take off from work for these tamasha. Who’s funding these jholachhaps??

A very credible source in NSUI – kind of my double agent – told me last week that Salman Khurshid has paid ₹5.5 lakhs to JNU NSUI’s Alimuddin Khan for organizing these protests. The payment is for just one week. Ajay Maken is managing Delhi Police and hence despite all hooliganism of Congoons and Commies on road, in front of Police station, they’ve survived without a scratch. If the information, which appears to me to be true – is indeed correct, then high time for us to wake up.

As election will draw close, these protests are going to increase and will reach different cities of India.

Another point, this will be first election when the new millennium kids will vote. Born after Jan 1, 2000. Number of first time voters is going to be ~5.6 crores. Do we have any plans to take up this MTV Roadies, Splitsvilla and FTV generation who’re different from our Mahabharat and Ramayan generation? Owing to YouTube fuelled stand-up comedians and channels like AIB and EIC, they’re developing a very Left leaning world view. I hope I’m wrong.

Hence, task ahead is mammoth for us. I’ve earlier argued that JNU is a hub of breaking India politics. But plans are much bigger. JNU is just an experimental laboratory. Ideas are conceptualized in places like LSE, Oxbridge, Berkeley. Pilot project is run in JNU and then implemented everywhere. Example of Mahishasur Shahadat Diwas is a case in point. Theoretical distortions were done in California. Started in JNU by Udit Raj, MP in JNU in 2011. In 2013, it was observed in 78 districts of India. Only after we did pitaai of commies in JNU in 2013, it stopped.

Hence, I urge all of you to keep a tight vigil on Left loonies. Nip their ideas in the bud. Attack them at their origin point in US, UK and in JNU, DU, Jamia, AMU…

And this won’t happen by abusing JNU but by countering the propaganda of commies. They’re making a big issue over Prof. Johri’s case. In the last two days, 31 cases of serial crimes against women have come to light. And all of them involves very senior Left leaders and reputed faculty members. But how many of us know this?? 600 female students of NIFT Kannur in Kerala marched on this 20th against frequent harassment by Commies. Did anyone notice?

Wake up!
Do spread the message to all.

-/By a JNU student.

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